Airport Analysis

Moscow traffic growth reaches record levels

Moscow traffic growth reaches record levelsMoscow, like New York, Paris and Milan is served by three major airports, but total passenger traffic in 2006 was only 33 million. But growth in 2007 is averaging close to 20%. Which of the three is the market leader and which airlines operate to which airports? What are the top domestic routes and international markets?

Leaving Las Vegas* proving more popular than ever

Leaving Las Vegas proving more popular than everDespite 4% growth in 2006 Las Vegas dropped out of the world’s top 10 airports. How fast has the airport grown in recent years? Which three carriers have consistently been responsible for over half the traffic? And which new route just got ultra-competitive with the arrival of Southwest and Virgin America. What international routes does the airport offer?

Madrid: Europe’s #1 airport by 2016?

Airport Analysis: MadridA new terminal and not one, but two new runways in 2006 gave Madrid’s airport a wonderful base for future development. The market has responded and easyJet, Ryanair and Vueling have all opened new bases there resulting in 14% growth in 2007. How big is the domestic market and which are the fastest growing routes? How dominant is Iberia?

Dubai maintains spectacular growth as new airport takes shape

Airport Analysis: DubaiThis week’s air show focused industry attention on this part of the world with record aircraft orders. Dubai’s airport is growing so fast that a replacement is already under construction. Apart from Emirates, who else operates at the airport? Which are the leading country markets? We take a closer look at the UK market to identify seasonality issues.

New York’s JFK struggling to cope with recent rapid growth

New York’s JFK struggling to cope with recent rapid growthNew York’s largest airport is becoming a victim of its own success. Double-digit growth this year has resulted in congestion issues and the FAA is threatening drastic action. Who are the major carriers at JFK and which is the busiest route? Clue: It’s international. Even though traffic was up in 2006 most of the Top 20 routes saw traffic decline. How come?

SIN city: the home of A380 operations

Logo: Singapore Tourism BoardIf you want to see an A380 in action this is the place to be for the next few months. Singapore Airlines and its subsidiaries have a dominant position at Changi but which other airlines have a significant presence? Which are the Top 10 routes and which is the only country to have two entries in the list? How big a presence do LCCs have? We take a closer look.

Prague traffic growth unaffected by slump in UK demand

Airport Analysis: PragueEven before the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004 Prague airport was benefiting from low-cost airline activity from the UK. Its reputation for cheap alcohol meant UK traffic quadrupled in just a few years. Now the rest of Europe is catching up and SkyEurope has set up a major base to take on the likes of easyJet and Smartwings. And what is Click4sky?

Lyon sheds anti-LCC reputation with easyJet announcement

Airport Analysis: LyonLast week’s announcement that easyJet would base two aircraft in Lyon next summer was big news for the French regional airport. Which routes has easyJet announced and who will it compete with on the routes? What is the existing traffic mix between various country destinations? Which route will see two LCCs go head-to-head this winter?

Valencia sets sail for further rapid growth

Image: Valencia Header ImageNot content with hosting the America’s Cup for the first time and being awarded a Formula 1 Grand Prix for next year, Valencia is Spain’s fastest growing major airport. Ryanair is about to base two aircraft there and increase its network to 21 routes. Iberia and its partner are losing market share despite their own traffic growth. Will Ryanair be #1 in 2008?

Fort Lauderdale: welcomes over 20 new routes this winter

Image: Airport Analysis for Fort LauderdaleTraffic doubled to 22 million passengers between 1996 and 2005 but a slump in 2006 resulted in FLL losing its place among the top 50 airports of the world. This winter sees over 20 new routes starting and one of the less well-known US airlines is now the airport’s busiest airline. Which month is the busiest and how do fares compare with other US airports?

Nice finds balance between LCCs and legacy airlines

Image: Nice Airport AnalysisThe busiest French airport outside of Paris has a balanced mix of domestic and international routes, legacy carriers and LCCs. How has traffic developed in recent years and which two airlines are the major players at the airport. Which two cities account for five of the top six route destinations? And what made Ryanair finally fly to Nice?

Newcastle enters long-haul era with daily Emirates service

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisA new era in long-haul air travel began this week with the launch of daily services to Dubai with Emirates. Which airlines have helped the airport grow rapidly and what are the most popular routes? Which routes have failed? Which airline has half as many flights as easyJet but offers only one-tenth of the capacity? And what does need a 146 for?