Airport Analysis

Macau makes growing contribution to Pearl River Delta airport system

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisOne of several airports in the Pearl River Delta competing for traffic, Macau Airport has a short but dramatic history. Which airlines hold the key? Which routes are the busiest? What attracts tourists to an area that was once a Portuguese colony but is now a Special Administrative Region of China? And which future Formula 1 world champions made their names here?

Stuttgart: Germany’s motown on the move once more

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisLocated between Lufthansa’s two major hubs at Frankfurt and Munich, Stuttgart has attracted several German LCCs but little interest from foreign LCCs. What are its core routes, which are its leading airlines and which airport is acting as an alternative low-cost secondary airport? How is German consolidation impacting traffic in 2007?

Montreal back on track after losing 25% of traffic following ‘9/11’

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisIt took three years for traffic to recover from ‘9/11′, but finally Montreal’s traffic is booming once more. With traffic no longer split between two airports, new carriers and new routes are helping Montreal to grow quickly. How dominant is Air Canada? Which are the Top 10 routes? What role is WestJet playing?

SFO welcomes new airlines to support growth

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisSFO may have turned 80 this year, but August 2007 is likely to be remembered for years to come as the month when both Southwest and Virgin America started flights from the airport. Which are the leading airlines at SFO and what role does international traffic play? What role do near neighbours Oakland and San Jose play?

London City Airport celebrates 20 years with rapid growth

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisOnce considered a ‘white elephant’ London City airport is booming as it reaches its 20th birthday. With new owners and a range of new destinations, the downtown airport’s future is looking assured. Which are the key routes and who is providing the new capacity? What new aircraft types are now certified at the airport? How has the DLR extension helped?

Ibiza – Spain’s summer hotspot

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisAs the summer holidays approach Ibiza’s airport gears up for a surge in holidaymakers. Just how seasonal is traffic at Ibiza? Which are the most popular routes? And which airline is almost the busiest despite only operating there for half the year? All this and how one carrier has adopted a novel marketing campaign on the route.

Vienna calling:* easyJet answers

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysiseasyJet has revealed plans to start services to Vienna later this year. We look at the history of the London-Vienna route and examine the impact LCCs are having in the Viennese market. Will the arrival of SkyEurope from neighbouring Slovakia have a big impact on Austrian?

More opportunities for ladies and gentlemen to visit Verona

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisYup, Italy has another LCC. Air Italy has evolved out of a charter carrier and hopes to bring tourists to the Verona region. Verona has a broad mix of airlines and has been increasingly attracting LCCs, though Meridiana is the leading local carrier. What’s so appealing about Verona?