Airport Analysis

Ibiza – Spain’s summer hotspot

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisAs the summer holidays approach Ibiza’s airport gears up for a surge in holidaymakers. Just how seasonal is traffic at Ibiza? Which are the most popular routes? And which airline is almost the busiest despite only operating there for half the year? All this and how one carrier has adopted a novel marketing campaign on the route.

Vienna calling:* easyJet answers

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysiseasyJet has revealed plans to start services to Vienna later this year. We look at the history of the London-Vienna route and examine the impact LCCs are having in the Viennese market. Will the arrival of SkyEurope from neighbouring Slovakia have a big impact on Austrian?

More opportunities for ladies and gentlemen to visit Verona

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisYup, Italy has another LCC. Air Italy has evolved out of a charter carrier and hopes to bring tourists to the Verona region. Verona has a broad mix of airlines and has been increasingly attracting LCCs, though Meridiana is the leading local carrier. What’s so appealing about Verona?