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Ethiopian growing profitably from Addis Ababa; new Q400s due in 2010

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusEthiopia has 16 commercial airports serving the population of 80 million. Addis Ababa and Ethiopian dominate the country’s air travel scene but how quickly are both growing? How far does Ethiopian’s network reach and which are its newest routes? Who else serves Ethiopia?

Corsican airports report fourth straight year of growth; easyJet gradually making inroads

Article ThumbThe Mediterranean island of Corsica has four commercial airports which handled over 2.5 million passengers last year. Three cities in France dominate the island’s route network but LCCs such as easyJet and Germanwings are helping to stimulate international growth.

Italian airports get 91 new routes; Lufthansa and Wind Jet lag behind Ryanair

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusSome 23 airports across Italy have welcomed new services this week but very few are provided by the new Alitalia. Which airports were kept busiest and just how many new Italian routes did Ryanair start this week?

Indonesia’s traffic up 3.5% last year; Lion Air now #1 among domestic carriers; still no non-stop flights to Western Europe

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusDespite the collapse of Adam Air Indonesia’s airports still grew last year handling almost 80 million passengers. The domestic market is highly competitive but non-stop long-haul routes to Europe and North America are still missing.

Israel’s Ben Gurion airport grew by 10% in 2008; El Al starts Sao Paulo service in May

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusTel Aviv’s main airport dominates the Israeli air travel market while El Al is gradually seeing its share of traffic at the airport diminishing. Which are the leading country markets and which other new routes are planned for this year?

Turkey’s airport traffic grew by 6% in 2008 fuelled by rapid expansion of Turkish Airlines

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusJust two airports handled 55% of Turkey’s 74 million airport passengers last year. Which ones? Seasonality is extreme at some airports. Which airports has Turkish Airlines recently added to its network and which airline legends are helping to guide Pegasus Airlines to a brighter future?

French airport growth driven by LCCs; domestic demand still falling though LCCs stimulating inter-regional routes

Article ThumbNine of France’s top 15 airports reported growth last year and demand was up 1.5% across all airports. But how much of that was down to LCCs? And what impact have easyJet and Ryanair had on French domestic routes? Which airport saw 50% growth?

Tehran’s IKIA is main international gateway; strong links to UAE

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusIran has over 40 airports with scheduled air services. We take a look at which are the biggest and how they compare. Which foreign carriers serve Iran and which are notable by their absence? Which are the leading country markets?

Ryanair usurps LOT as leading international carrier; regional airports now handle more than 50% of all Polish traffic

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusWe last looked at Poland in detail some 18 months ago. Since then LOT has slipped from first to third among carriers on international routes. Which carriers (and airports) have flourished and which have seen their fortunes wane?

Cambodia sees airport traffic grow by 135% in four years; but down 3% in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusAngkor Wat may be an iconic World Heritage site but how do you get to Cambodia by air? How have the country’s airports developed in recent years and which are the leading routes at the two main airports? Which nationalities generate most visitors to Cambodia and which LCCs operate there?

US Midwest airports handle over 250 million annual passengers; Chicago dominates but demand is down over 15% in November; Southwest coming to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe US Midwest has 12 major airports with Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul the busiest. Where is traffic falling fastest, and which offer the best fares to passengers? Which airlines are market leaders at each airport?

Air Greenland demand up 50% in five years; growing competition on international routes; lessons learned from Baltimore debacle

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe world’s least densely populated country has a surprisingly large number of airports for a population of less than 60,000 people. Which are the leading airports and what problems does Air Greenland face?