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airBaltic and flyLAL fight for supremacy in Lithuania; Ryanair dominates Kaunas

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusOne of three former Russian Baltic states to join the EU in 2004 Lithuania’s two leading carriers each have around one-third of capacity and Vilnius traffic has grown 20% this year. But both airlines have cut capacity significantly this winter to reduce direct competition.

Nigeria’s local market is highly competitive; Arik Air to launch London services with A340

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusNigeria’s airports handle over eight million passengers annually, dominated by Lagos and Abuja. But who are the leading players in the local and regional market? Fast-growing Arik Air will soon become the fifth carrier to serve the London market, but where else offers direct services to Nigeria?

New direct Chinese services help offset major HSR-induced loss of domestic traffic in Taiwan

Article Thumbnail: CountryTensions appear to be easing between China and Taiwan as some ‘cross-strait’ traffic is finally permitted. This is good news for Taiwan’s airlines which have seen domestic traffic collapse in recent years. However, Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific are probably less thrilled – why?

Sardinia to get major boost in 2009 with two new Ryanair bases; Meridiana and Air One under pressure

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisRyanair is going to base three aircraft in Sardinia next spring. What share does it currently have at each of the three main airports and who are its biggest competitors? What presence does Alitalia have on the island?

World Cup matches boost in-bound “tourism” in Belarus; Etihad’s new link to Abu Dhabi

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusDespite being almost as big as the UK and with a population of 10 million, Belarus’ capital airport at Minsk handled less than one million passengers in 2007. How big is national carrier Belavia’s network and which Western airlines operate regular flights to the country?

Anchorage dominates Alaskan airport landscape; Palin-mania may boost traffic as state gets massive media coverage

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe largest state in the US is also the most sparsely populated, so air travel plays a key role. Anchorage is the dominant airport but which airlines operate the most flights at the airport? And why is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky important?

Air Berlin gaining ground on Lufthansa in Germany by acquisition and mergers; more consolidation likely as airport traffic falls 1% in August for first time in 6 years

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusGermany’s airports suffered a drop in demand in August for the first time in six years. With consolidation still ongoing how dominant is Lufthansa in the domestic market and which country markets are growing fastest?

Not so Happy Hawaii* sees capacity drop by 30% after Aloha’s collapse

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe islands of Hawaii will see the biggest year-on-year capacity cut this winter of any US ‘state’ as a result of Aloha’s demise in March. But which are the leading airports and carriers operating on inter-island, mainland USA and international flights? We reveal all.

Russia maintains 20% growth in 2008; Turkey and Egypt leading international markets

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusRussia’s airports handled less than 90 million passengers in 2007 despite growth of 20%. How dominant are Moscow’s three airports and which are the next busiest? Which are the leading airlines? And what are the biggest country markets?

Canadian traffic up 30% in last four years; Zoom’s closure takes out 11% of UK capacity

Thumb: Country Analysis - CanadaWith over 240 airports with scheduled services, Canada’s airports handled around 117 million passengers last year. Which are the leading airports in 2008 and how dominant are Air Canada and WestJet in the domestic market? Who are Air Canada’s international rivals?

Air Astana plans to treble fleet to over 60 aircraft by 2022 to help put Kazakhstan on the global map

Country Focus: KazakhstanKazakhstan is a big country with big oil reserves and a national carrier half-owned by a British company and where the capital’s airport, Astana, is owned by Malaysians. Total country airport traffic is less than six million per annum but Air Astana has ambitious plans for growth.

Japan still #3 country worldwide for air travel;
three countries dominate international traffic;
JAL and ANA reveal cutback plans

Logo: Country Feature for JapanJapan’s aviation market may not be growing that fast but it’s still the world’s third biggest after the US and China. JAL and ANA dominate domestic routes but which routes have they announced they will be dropping?