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Australia’s terrific traffic trends attract Tiger

Australias terrific traffic trends attract TigerAustralia may only have 21 million inhabitants but its airports passed the 100 million passenger mark in 2005. Which are the leading airports and which are the fastest growing? Domestic traffic is maintaining a healthy growth rate which is likely to rise further as Tiger Airways enters the fray. But where have all the foreign tourists gone?

Swiss traffic recovery finally complete

Swiss traffic recovery finally completeThe post-‘9/11′ collapse of Swissair had a profound impact on the Swiss market. Zurich’s traffic still hasn’t fully recovered. On the other hand Geneva and Basel are benefiting from easyJet’s development of both airports as LCC bases. Which LCC is now #2 in Zurich? When did Ryanair finally arrive in Switzerland and which routes have easyJet dropped from Basel?

Oslo leap-frogs Stockholm as Norwegian helps Norway’s airports to record 10% growth

Country Focus: NorwayWith a population of under five million people Norway’s 50 (yes, 50!) airports still managed to process 38 million passengers last year. How dominant is Oslo Gardermoen and how fast is traffic growing? How big is the domestic market versus the international market? How big is Norwegian in relation to SAS? And what role does Widerøe play in the market?

California’s stagnant market is boosted by Virgin America and Southwest

Californias stagnant market is boosted by Virgin America and SouthwestThe world’s eighth biggest economy didn’t see much growth in air travel at its airports in 2006. Passenger numbers in California are similar to those in Germany and are dominated by two major airports where United is the leading carrier. But at the next seven busiest airports the same airline dominates – and it’s not United. What’s new in 2007?

Turkey: Tourism growth stimulates demand without EU membership

Turkey: Tourism growth stimulates demand without EU membershipTurkey’s major airports have experienced impressive growth in recent years even without the aid of LCCs. The national airline has been profitable despite recording growth of 15-20% for the last three years. How much of its traffic is domestic and how many routes did it add in 2006? And do Brits and Germans really have different preferences for tourism resorts?

Iceland: a great place to film car commercials

Country Focus: Iceland.It may be a great place to shoot car commercials and music videos but what else does Iceland offer? We look at traffic development in both the domestic and international market and reveal how Iceland is like Canada and Australia. Which are the major country markets and what competition does Iceland Express pose to Icelandair.

Croatia celebrates 15 years of international air transport links

Logo: Croatia AirlinesCroatia Airlines recently celebrated 15 years of international air travel. Though not yet a member of the EU traffic is growing and its claim to be ‘The Mediterranean as it once was’ is attracting increasing visitor numbers, especially from Germany. Seasonality profiles differ significantly for Zagreb and the seaside resorts. We take a closer look.

Air New Zealand prepares for increased domestic competition

Country Focus: New ZealandMiddle Earth’s altar ego is dominated by three major airports and one major airline. But things are about to get interesting with the imminent launch of domestic services from Pacific Blue, one of the airlines in the Virgin empire. Which are the main domestic airports and which are the biggest international routes? We dig out the answers.

Egyptian market prepares for increased deregulation

Country Focus: EgyptEgypt is preparing itself for increasing deregulation. We take a look at the current situation. How has demand fluctuated during the last 10 years? Which are the country’s leading airports? How much does seasonality impact operations? We look at how traffic has fluctuated from various EU markets and what EgyptAir is doing to protect its dominant domestic position.

Malta’s incentive scheme reaps rewards

Country Focus: MaltaThe Mediterranean island of Malta joined the EU in 2004 at the same time as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. But air travel failed to respond to the new liberalised market. So the government stepped in and created an incentive programme. Ryanair is claiming the credit for this summer’s 12% growth in traffic, but what’s the real story? Who else deserves some credit?

Sweden’s airports finally breaking records once more

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusTraffic at Sweden’s airports has taken a long time to bounce back to pre-‘9/11′ levels but the growth of local LCCs is beginning to have a positive impact in the market. How busy is Stockholm’s Arlanda airport and how dominant is SAS at that airport and in the domestic market? Which LCCs are grabbing market share and which are conspicuous by their absence?

Luxembourg: The EU country/capital with no low-cost flights!

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe EU’s smallest and wealthiest country (per person) is looking forward to a new terminal next year. How dominant is Luxair and which routes are the most popular? And why are there currently no low-cost carriers flying to Luxembourg? Which will be the first LCC to fly there later this month? You will be surprised at the answer!