Market Trends

Italian airports maintain impressive 10% growth

Alt: Italian airports maintain impressive 10 percent growthItalian airports are witnessing double-digit growth this year with several reporting traffic up more than 20% year-on-year. Which airports are leading the way and which award-winning airport is dragging its heels? Clue: it’s one lots of airlines would like to fly to, but aren’t allowed to.

Ryanair helping Bremen back to profitability

Ryanair helping Bremen back to profitabilityNow that Ryanair has been operating for six months at Bremen which routes have delivered and which routes have struggled? Which new route was introduced in a hurry when capacity on another route had to be cut? With three aircraft now based there what is Ryanair’s share of Bremen traffic? What has happened to the other airlines there?

US domestic growth gathers momentum – Southwest widens gap over American

US domestic growth gathers momentumAfter sluggish growth (and traffic declines) for most of the last two years, traffic surged ahead by 7% in August. When was growth last that high? How are the top 10 domestic airlines performing in terms of market share? Is Southwest still pulling away from American? Which LCC has shown the biggest increase in its market share?

Mexican domestic market maintains 20% growth in Q3

Image: Market Trends - MexicoWhat’s been happening since we last looked at Mexico? No new carriers but plenty of growth in the domestic market, averaging around 20%. The ‘legacy’ carriers, Aeromexico and Mexicana, appear to be fighting back as the LCC’s market share fell for the first time in September. Mexican carriers are also reclaiming market share in the international arena.

German domestic growth reaches new heights

Market Trends: EU domestic marketsGermany’s domestic market has been gathering momentum all year and after a sluggish start has now achieved almost 15% growth in October. Which other European domestic markets are looking healthy and which are suffering? Why is the UK having such a bad year?

Canada maintains 5% growth in 2007

Market Trends: Canadian airportsCanada’s airports grew by around 5% last year. They’re growing by 5% again this year. Boring? Not really, as some airports are growing by nearly 20% while others are barely growing at all. We look in detail at growth so far in 2007 at the top 10 (out of 240!) airports in Canada. How dominant is Toronto and how is Montreal faring these days?

Growth accelerates but load factors plummet in October

Market Trends: European LLCsLoad factors have peaked for the year as our basket of European LCCs head into those troublesome winter months. Growth rates in October were, if anything, higher than in September impacting load factors, especially at SkyEurope and Vueling. Air Berlin is now including LTU data in its stats. What difference does that make?

Domestic market prepares to be mauled by Tiger

Market Trends: Australian domestic marketA Tiger is about to be let loose in the Australian market. From next week Melbourne gets a new base carrier. But how has traffic developed in recent months and which routes are growing the fastest? How dominant is the Melbourne to Sydney route and which routes is Tiger avoiding at present?

Asian airline traffic peaks in August

Market Trends: Asia-PacificThe Association of Asia-Pacific Airlines reports that international traffic among its members grew by 5.6% in September. Are load factors also rising? Which is the busiest month for traffic among the member airlines? We also look at airport traffic in 2006 at the region’s top 15 airports. The biggest airport is the only one where traffic is declining. Which one is it?

Romania is the new Poland

Romania is the new PolandHave the last two months seen any significant changes in growth rates in our analysis of mature and emerging markets from the UK? Which new EU member is doing well and which has faltered? In volume terms which were the fastest growing countries in September and how do they compare with the biggest growers in 2006?

Ryanair’s Girona base heads for Top 10 status

Ryanair’s Girona base heads for Top 10 statusIs Girona still the fastest growing airport among Spain’s major airports? How many airports are achieving double-digit growth? Which airport has carried more passengers in nine months this year than all of last year? Which airports are actually down on traffic? Are Madrid and Barcelona still surging ahead with double-digit growth?

KLM and LOT continue to be load factor leaders in their groupings

Market Trends: AEA Airlines. Two months on since we last looked, how have the major and not-so-major AEA member airlines been getting on? Is KLM still the best for load factor? What caused BA’s growth ‘spike’ in August? Which airline is genuinely growing at more than 40% compared to last year? And who is still struggling to reach last year’s figures?