Market Trends

UK airport growth shows significant regional variations

Image: market trends for UKUK airports are having a funny old year. London is struggling for growth while the world awaits Heathrow’s T5 though London City is booming. Various regional airports are benefiting from LCC investment and yet London Stansted, Europe’s #1 LCC airport is losing traffic. What’s happening in different parts of the UK? We show you month-by-month in 2007.

Dubai extends lead over regional rivals

Image: Market Trends for Middle EastThe Middle East airport building boom is in full flow with new airports planned for Doha and Dubai. But which are the regions leading airports right now and which are growing fastest? We look at various indicators.

Domestic market maintains 20% growth: Volaris now leading LCC

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsHas Mexico’s domestic market maintained its 20% growth in the last few months? Which is the country’s leading LCC and what market share have the new carriers achieved? Which carriers have the highest share of Mexico’s international traffic? Are Mexican carriers holding their own or are the US carriers taking over? Which are the leading European carries?

International services: American still #1 airline Miami still leading airport New York still top city

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsIn the first half of 2007 which US airlines carried most passengers on international services? Which US airlines are growing their international services fastest? Which are the top US airports and cities for international travel and which are achieving double-digit growth? This is the place to find out!

Spain: increasing competition boosts major airports – Canaries still awaits LCC benefits

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAir travel is booming in Spain thanks to new infrastructure and competition amongst local LCCs Click and Vueling. Are all airports benefiting equally, or are some missing out? How do Ryanair’s new bases at Alicante and Valencia compare with its existing Girona and Madrid bases? What’s happening in the Canary Islands compared to the mainland?

Morocco, Romania maintain rapid growth – last year’s World Cup impacts German figures

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWe take an updated look at the performance of some of the key country markets from the UK in the last couple of months. Whose growth is on-going and whose has ground to a halt? Why has German traffic suddenly dipped in June? And is the Irish market still suffering like the UK domestic market with declining demand?

Australia: Domestic growth slowing

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsIs Australia’s domestic market still booming as in the first few months of 2007? What capacity market shares do the ‘big 3′ (Qantas, Virgin Blue and Jetstar) have in the Top 10 travel markets? What are the frequency and capacity shares of the leading Australian airlines across all domestic routes?

Spain leads way thanks to additional airport capacity and intense airline competition

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWhich of Europe’s major domestic markets are continuing to flourish and which need some delicate nurturing? What has happened during the traditional July slump in the Nordic markets? One is up 10%, the other is down 10%. Is the UK’s early year slump continuing?

30% domestic growth continues despite talk of consolidation

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAre there any signs of growth slowing in the Indian domestic market? Which are the busiest domestic airports and how is traffic developing in 2007? How dominant are Mumbai and Delhi? Based on capacity figures for August, what market shares are the airlines achieving? Is Jet still the largest domestic airline?

Load factors hit summer peak – Vueling still expanding rapidly

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWe look at the latest monthly growth figures and load factors for Europe’s leading LCCs. Which airlines hit 90% load factor in July? Which airline grew 90% in July? How are the major players performing in the summer months?

LCC competition boosts domestic traffic growth

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsSouth African aviation is dominated by Johannesburg Airport and South African Airways. But how has the emergence of LCCs helped stimulate the domestic market? How is the domestic market split between carriers? Is international traffic growing as quickly as domestic traffic? We show you the numbers!

AEA airline figures reveal mixed fortunes for Europe’s major airlines

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsEuropean LCCs may be growing rapidly, but what’s happening with the major European legacy carriers in 2007? Which two big names are down on traffic? Which of the carriers are achieving the highest growth rates? And how seasonal are load factors? Which of the Central European carriers is showing the fastest growth? The results may surprise you.