Market Trends

Brazil’s strong domestic market recovers after shocks

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsDespite the collapse of Varig last July and issues regarding air traffic control services, Brazil’s domestic traffic is showing healthy growth and has been achieving double-digit growth in 2007. Which were Brazil’s biggest airports in 2006? What is the split between domestic and international traffic in South America’s largest country?

German airport traffic trends

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe German market has seen major changes this year with consolidation, alliances and rebranding among the airlines. Which of the major airports are gaining and which are losing out? Which of the smaller regional airports are benefiting from LCCs?

UK struggling to keep up with rest of Europe

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWe compare total traffic at airports in the major EU countries with a year ago. Which countries are booming and which are lagging behind? Is economic growth any indicator of aviation growth this year or have security fears and tax increases put people off flying? The answers may surprise you.

Market showing signs of life as Southwest extends market share lead

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe US domestic market is showing signs of recovery after a year of stagnation. Which carriers are taking advantage of this and which are losing market share? Southwest may still be top dog, but how are the other LCCs coping, especially after jetBlue’s operational problems in February. Has Virgin America picked a good time to enter the market?

Morocco on the move, Japan in the doldrums

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWe look at a basket of countries and see how year-to-date traffic compares with one year ago. Which mature markets are in decline? Which are making steady progress? Which of the emerging markets saw 90% growth in the early part of the year?

LCCs help kick-start Mexican domestic growth

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsIndia’s dramatic growth may be receiving more attention but Mexico’s domestic market is now growing almost as quickly with several new entrants in the last two years. We look at how traffic has grown domestically and which are the busiest routes.

Italy and Norway show positive domestic growth – UK and Sweden struggling in 2007

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsIn recent years domestic air traffic has come under attack from high-speed rail services in various parts of Europe. Where is air travel still growing and where is it in decline? What is causing these trends? Has the doubling of APD had a measurable impact in the UK market?

Australia gears up for increased competition as Tiger announces first routes

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe domestic market Down Under is due for a shake-up with the arrival of Tiger Airways before the end of the year. What are the biggest domestic routes and how strong has growth been in recent months?

Vueling’s rapid growth continues; SkyEurope’s load factors – “unexpected star”

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWho’s hot and who’s not among Europe’s LCCs? Who is growing by 70% but has the weakest load factors? Who unexpectedly reported the best load factors in February and March despite growing 40%?

anna alert: Indian domestic growth rates slowing

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThere are signs of a slowdown in the manic growth of Indian air travel. Sure, it’s still nearly 30%, but a year ago it was 60%. Which airlines saw their domestic market share fall in 2006 and who grabbed nearly 5% after just four months?