Seasonal Variation In Demand (SVID) calculator

Download the Seasonal Variation In Demand (SVID) calculatorFACT: Airlines like routes with flat demand profiles, as it helps them to plan their annual aircraft capacity. Find out how here how your airport scores…and just how it does against some of the world’s biggest and best.

In order to calculate your airport’s SVID score, simply enter the last full year’s monthly passenger data, then your score will be automatically calculated for you.

SVID scores
0 to 1.9 Excellent
2-9.9 Good
10-19.9 Poor
20-99.9 Managerial and operational challenges
Over 100 Why bother opening in the off-peak?

Benchmark your airport against these ones:

SVID Airport Benchmark scores
Airport Score
Hong Kong (HKG) 0.45
London Heathrow (LHR) 0.9
Sao Paulo (GRU) 0.9
New York (JFK) 1.89
Frankfurt (FRA) 2.4
Barcelona (BCN) 5.4