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What will 2008’s events mean for network planners?

What will 2008’s events mean for network planners?There’s no such thing as a dull year in aviation and this year promises to be no exception. Increased liberalisation, more new aircraft types entering service, record high oil prices, failing airlines, potential mergers and acquisitions and the Olympics in China.

Time to hit the slopes
(or beach if you’re American!)

Logo: Lead StoryAs airlines in the northern hemisphere explore new ways to minimise the impact of the winter downturn in demand, more and more are adding new flights aimed at ski enthusiasts. In the USA and Canada some warm sun seems the preferred option with Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean all increasingly on offer.

Germanwings + =
(And catching up with Lufthansa measured by routes served)

Germanwings + = pressure from the rapidly expanding Air Berlin, there are industry rumours that Germanwings and might be merger candidates. What would the combined airline look like in terms of size, fleet, network strengths and weaknesses? Would it overtake Air Berlin for the #2 slot behind Lufthansa?

easyJet and Ryanair’s outstanding potential:
167 airports served, only 550 to go*

easyJet and Ryanair’s outstanding potentialEurope’s big 2 LCCs are highly profitable and competing fiercely in the European market. Just not with each other. Despite operating from 167 airports between them Ryanair and easyJet only compete head-to-head on 10 routes. We reveal which ones. Both airlines also operate just a single route from many airports. We name them.

Heathrow’s #1 position under threat from Paris and Madrid

Heathrow’s #1 position under threat from Paris and MadridThe UK government has just revealed plans for a possible third runway and sixth terminal at Heathrow. But will it be enough to keep London ahead of its euro hub rivals? Madrid is the fastest growing and Paris and Frankfurt have big plans too. We speculate as to who might reach the 100 million target first.

All-business class airlines grow beyond Transatlantic

Lead Story: All-Business Class Airlines.Silverjet launches the first non-transatlantic all-business class route next week as other similar airlines fight it out over the transatlantic market. Who are the new players in this market and who has been providing the likes of Lufthansa with such a service for several years?

Ryanair delivers on 20% cutback threat at Stansted

Ryanair delivers on 20% cutback threat at StanstedRyanair has cut capacity at London Stansted, Europe’s busiest low-cost airport, by over 20%. Where have these cuts come from? How many routes have been dropped and how does its remaining network at Stansted compare with other major carriers operating from London’s biggest airports?

From Bland to orange: GB Airways acquisition will make easyJet #1 at Gatwick

Logo: GB AirwaysDespite a franchise agreement with British Airways until 2010, the Bland Group, easyJet andBA have come to an arrangement that sees easyJet acquire GB Airways. This will give it even more power at London Gatwick. Where does GB Airways fly and how does it compare with easyJet’s network?

First commercial flight of A380 heralds start of Winter 2007 season

Lead Story: A380’s first commercial flight launches exciting winter seasonThe successful inaugural flight of Singapore’s A380 from Singapore to Sydney may be the highest profile aviation event for a while but it’s not the only interesting thing about this winter. We analyse the over 200 new routes starting this winter which include the opening of a new bases for Ryanair in Valencia and Volareweb in Milan Malpensa, and the launch flight of AirAsia X, the latest and possibly most high-profile low-cost long-haul LCC.

Huge potential for growth in ‘New Europe’ as LCCs take on national carriers

Lead: LogoEU membership has many consequences for countries and that includes airline liberalisation. Which of those Central European countries which have joined since May 2004 are benefiting most? Which national carriers are best defending their home territory? Where have LCCs set up bases and which airports are growing fastest?

Air Berlin abandons London hub concept

Lead Story: Air Berlin abandons UK domestic marketAir Berlin’s attempts to create a UK hub at London Stansted appear to have been abandoned. The three domestic routes to Belfast City, Glasgow and Manchester have all been dropped for the coming winter season. So what impact did they have in the market and how good were the connections to Germany?

BA’s new aircraft – what it means for long haul routes

Image: BA’s new aircraft - what it means for long haul routesBA has finally ordered some new big aircraft and has made both Airbus and Boeing happy. We look at which long-haul routes are BA’s busiest at Heathrow and when local residents can currently see/hear long-haul aircraft at Heathrow. Plus, we speculate which destinations BA might serve in future with its B787s.