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Stockholm Syndrome

Image: Lead StoryJust how much Abba music can the human mind put up with over a three day period? Delegates at the 13th World Route Development Forum found out for themselves. After Milan Linate bizarrely won an airport marketing award (yes, we were there) has come up with its own virtual awards, The Annies. Which great award did Budapest win?

Q400s: Europe’s regional airports continue to benefit despite this week’s grounding

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryTwo landing gear failures in four days in Europe have resulted in a temporary grounding of older models for inspection. Which airlines in Europe will be most affected by this? What sort of routes does the aircraft operate and what are the shortest and longest sectors on a Q400 in Europe?

UK joins Europe’s high-speed rail network – Paris and Brussels traffic to fall further?

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryThis week saw the fastest ever rail journey between London and Paris at just over two hours as a Eurostar train finally enjoyed high-speed travel through the UK. What impact has Eurostar already had on air travel between London and Paris and why have Ryanair and the UK ASA fallen out about Brussels?

Big week for California as Southwest, Virgin America and MaxJet launch new services

Article Thumbnail: Lead StorySouthwest returns to San Francisco, Virgin America links LAX to JFK and MAXjet starts all business class service to London Stansted. Not your average week in California. Who is Southwest taking on and what fares are currently being charged in the LAX-JFK market? And what happened to Frontier?

The transatlantic market: ready for a shake-up?

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryAfter many years of on-off negotiating the US and EU have finally agreed a form of ‘open skies’ across the Atlantic. British Airways is gearing up to start services from mainland Europe from next summer. We look at the current situation and reveal which carriers on each side are leading the way and which EU countries have the strongest links to the US?

Aer Lingus targets easyJet with cross-border move to Belfast

Article Thumbnail: Lead StorySuddenly Belfast is the place to be. First Ryanair announces services at Belfast City, now Aer Lingus plans to base three aircraft at Belfast International. How is it finding slots for its planned Heathrow service? Who will it be competing against on its other routes? And what makes the new Budapest route unusual?

UK market lacklustre despite awful weather

Lead story thumbnailDespite dreadful summer weather the UK air market is in stagnation. Traffic at London Heathrow and Manchester traffic is down around 2%. Smaller regional airports are doing better but not well enough. What’s the problem? Is it APD, enhanced security measures, interest rates or concerns about the planet?

What would the Italian market look like without Alitalia?

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryAlitalia is in trouble. So what’s new? Latest attempts to find a buyer have failed. We look at Alitalia’s contribution to the Italian aviation scene. How much of the Italian market does it have domestically? What about internationally? Which airlines could fill the void if Alitalia were to disappear? We take a closer look at the Italian market.

The German domestic market and Lufthansa thought the LCCs would never be interested!

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryLufthansa may once have claimed that it wasn’t worried about LCCs, but its share of the German domestic market is shrinking as Air Berlin gets serious having taken over dba. We look at developments and see which routes have responded best to low-cost competition.

The competition for Middle East hub traffic intensifies

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryHow much are Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad competing for the same markets as they plan to more than double their fleets? We look at their network strategies and find out which routes are still monopolies and which destinations all three carriers are looking to gain the upper hand on.

Skybus – re-inventing the US LCC (as Ryanair)

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryTaking Ryanair as its inspiration, rather than Southwest, Columbus-based Skybus is up and running. Read about its mix of routes to airports known and virtually unknown, the competition it will face in Columbus and how its scheduling gets the most out of its Airbus fleet.