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Dreamliner flies… making more long ‘thin’ routes viable

Dreamlimer flies…making long ‘thin’ long routes viableOver two years later than originally planned, the Dreamliner is aloft. But which airlines have ordered the most of Boeing’s new small widebody and what sort of routes might it help launch? We do some crystal ball gazing.

Vietnam Airlines trebles passengers in last decade; currently serves just three European destinations but not London

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisFrom two main bases at Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Airlines operates a wide-range of domestic and regional services. But it only serves five long-haul destinations. Which ones? Having ordered both Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s the airline is hedging its bets for the future.

So what happened to our predictions for 2008?

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWay back in January identified a number of key topics that we thought would make 2008 interesting. So what happened? We look back and compare what we said then with what actually happened. Was the 787 really supposed to be in service by now? Oops!