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Qatar Airways and Emirates each adding several new destinations in summer 2010; Etihad adding Tokyo

Qatar Airways and Emirates each adding several new destinations in summer 2010; Etihad adding Tokyo

Two of the ‘MEB3’ carriers are keeping their marketing departments busy with planned new routes. But how much have they grown capacity in the last three months and how dominant are they at their home bases?

Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways combined now serve 109 destinations non-stop

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe MEB3 airlines have all added frequency during the last four months but which five new destinations have been added? And which new destination might all three carriers be starting in 2010?

AirAsia X adds Chengdu from KL; London route stimulates traffic by 50%

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisAirAsia’s long-haul division is almost two years old and now operates six aircraft. What competition does it face and how much has traffic been stimulated on the London route? What load factors have AirAsia X managed and where is it going next?

Etihad first MEB3 carrier to serve Chicago; 54 destinations served non-stop from Abu Dhabi

Airline AnalysisFast-growing Etihad launched a new US route this week but which are its busiest routes from Abu Dhabi? How dominant is it at the airport and which major sporting event will it be sponsoring later this year?

Emirates and Etihad still adding flights; Qatar Airways drops Nagpur and cuts frequencies

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsOnly Etihad among the MEB3 airlines has added new destinations since April but all three have several new routes starting before the end of the year. Which is the leading destination for these airlines?

Abu Dhabi races towards 10 million passengers thanks to Etihad; first F1 race in November

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusEtihad may be the dominant carrier but 30 other airlines also serve Abu Dhabi. Over 30 new services have been started in the last two years. Which non-Etihad carriers have been lured to the airport?

Emirates drops Nagoya, adds San Francisco & Brisbane non-stop; Qatar to add six more routes this year

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWe have updated our downloadable spreadsheet comparing networks of the MEB3 airlines. Not many routes have been added since December but Qatar Airways has revealed plans to add several destinations this year. Which ones?

Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways grew capacity by 15% in 2008; Almaty and Los Angeles are newest routes

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAlthough they haven’t started that many new routes this year Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways have grown capacity by around 15% this year. Which destinations are ‘monopoly’ routes and where is competition fiercest for transfer passengers?

Athens, Bahrain, Brussels win OAG awards;
Beijing’s memorable Mission Impossible theme scoops annies

Image: annie logoThis week was out and about in Kuala Lumpur meeting many of our readers and customers. Times may be tough in the industry but there were plenty of exciting stands promoting tourism and route opportunities. See what caught our eye and who won this year’s coveted Annie awards.

Just nine new routes so far in 2008 from the Middle East’s “Big 3”; none to Western Europe

Thumb: Middle East Top StoryEmirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways are still ordering more new aircraft to support their growth plans but which routes have they launched so far in 2008? Which are starting soon and which destination did all three start this year? And what links Brussels, Dublin and Minsk?

Etihad racing to catch up with Emirates and Qatar Airways

Etihad racing to catch up with Emirates and Qatar AirwaysPassenger numbers at this ambitious airline grew by nearly 70% in 2007 to 4.6 million as routes were launched to nine new destinations. Which markets achieved better than average load factors and what is growth likely to be in 2008? What makes Brussels and Dublin interesting for Etihad and why is 2009 going to be a big year from a PR point of views?

Etihad playing catch-up in Middle East hub battle

Etihad playing catch-up in Middle East hub battleWe look at how the networks of the three biggest spending carriers in the region have developed since July when we last looked. How many destinations have Emirates, Qatar Airways and Etihad added? How many have they dropped? How many flights have they added? The answers may surprise you. They surprised us!