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Will Toulouse’s new Hall D attract more foreign airlines? Paris 50% of current demand

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusToulouse has a new terminal to help it expand beyond six million passengers. How critical is the Paris route and what competition does Air France face on domestic flights? Which routes have been added and lost in the last two years?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 9 January – Friday 15 January):

New routes launched during the last three weeks (Saturday 9 - Friday 15 January)Almost 30 new routes have been started since last Friday. Countries involved in celebrating new services include Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Lithuania, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, the UK, the US and Vietnam.

Boeing gains on Airbus in 2009 delivery race; Air France gets first A380

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAirbus and Boeing delivered 166 aircraft during September and October with Boeing handing over eight more aircraft than its European rival. But which carriers were receiving the most new aircraft and did US or Chinese airlines collect most new Boeings?

A318 to A380; Europe’s legacy carriers take different approaches to long-haul development

Lead StoryBritish Airways and Air France have come up with different ways of serving the New York market. But how do their networks (and that of Lufthansa) compare in terms of geographic spread and current ‘growth’?

Wizz Air set to shake up Paris-Prague market; SkyEurope 35% cheaper than Air France

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchThis week we look at a west-east route involving five carriers though Air France and Czech Airlines are code-share partners. How does SmartWings compare with the likes of SkyEurope and Wizz Air?

Nice airport welcomes 11 airlines starting new routes since early 2008

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusFrance’s biggest regional airport served 10 million passengers last year but how is traffic developing in 2009? Which airlines have started new routes in the last year and to which destinations? What is it about Copenhagen? And what the heck is MIPIM and why is it important?

Sacre bleu! Air France dominates French short-haul market with over 50% of scheduled capacity

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryUnlike British Airways Air France has managed to robustly defend its short-haul route network from the all-conquering threat of LCCs. But LCCs are making significant inroads in some country markets. What share of new short-haul routes have been started by easyJet and Ryanair alone?

Air France maintains Paris dominance especially on domestic route

Article ThumbDespite easyJet’s best efforts Air France still dominates both major Parisian airports. How does it split its operations between CDG and Orly and what competition does it face on domestic routes? Which country markets are best served from CDG and which international routes does it operate from Orly?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 17 January – Friday 23 January):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsAnother nine new routes were started around the world this week by Aer Arann (Ireland), Air France (France), EVA Air (Taiwan), Kingfisher (India), Mexicana (Mexico), Turkish Airlines (Turkey), Sun-Air (Denmark) and Wizz Air (Poland).

British Airways doubled route network at London City in 2008; now #1 airline with New York A318 service starting later this year

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisLondon City airport passed the three million passenger mark in 2008 thanks in part to BA’s expansion. Which new routes did it add and which has it dropped as it looks to create a significant niche operation at the airport?

Marseille’s growth driven by Ryanair’s international routes; TGV took one million air passengers on Paris route

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisThe opening of Europe’s first dedicated low-cost terminal in late 2006 has helped Marseille attract several LCCs. Ryanair now flies to more destinations than Air France but where has it failed to make an impression? How significant is the North African market?

Air France dominates domestic routes from regions; international markets mostly served by foreign carriers

Image: Base AnalysisFrance’s regional airports are mostly dominated by Air France, but mostly they are operating domestic services. If you want to leave the country chances are you’ll need to use a foreign carrier. We look at airline market shares on international routes.