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Air France maintains stranglehold on CDG

Air France maintains stranglehold on CDGNow more than twice as busy as Orly, CDG is rapidly catching Heathrow in passenger numbers. Over 90% of the traffic is on international routes with Air France dominating domestic feed. How dominant is the national carrier on international routes and what share do LCCs have? And which unlikely long-haul markets make it into the top 10?

VLM’s takeover by Air France/KLM creates dominant force at London’s City airport

VLM’s takeover by Air France/KLM creates dominant force at London’s City airportAir France has made a bold move to grab the initiative at London City airport by acquiring Dutch-owned, Belgian-based VLM. With a fleet of mostly Fokker 50s the business focused airline has been profitable for the last nine years and operates a number of short-haul, high-frequency routes. We take a detailed look at the airline’s operations.

Domestic traffic stagnates without competition; international traffic growth healthy thanks to foreign LCCs

Market Trends: FranceThe DGAC has finally released data for the French air travel in the first half of 2007. The domestic market is virtually flat while international traffic is growing at around 8%. But which countries are growing fastest and which are either flat or in decline? Which are the fastest growing airlines in the French market? And has Marseille’s MP2 delivered growth?

Nice finds balance between LCCs and legacy airlines

Image: Nice Airport AnalysisThe busiest French airport outside of Paris has a balanced mix of domestic and international routes, legacy carriers and LCCs. How has traffic developed in recent years and which two airlines are the major players at the airport. Which two cities account for five of the top six route destinations? And what made Ryanair finally fly to Nice?