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New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 1 August – Friday 7 August):

New routes launched during the last week (Saturday 1 August - Friday 7 August):We found 15 airlines who this week took the plunge and started (or in some cases re-started) new routes. These include new domestic services in Australia, Russia and the USA plus international routes involving Brazil, Croatia, Germany, India, Italy, Malaysia, Morocco, Netherlands, Panama, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA and Venezuela.

Austin-Bergstrom celebrates 10th anniversary; new Alaska Airlines services will help attract ACI delegates to October conference

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusHow has traffic developed at this Texan airport since it opened in 1999? Which are the leading carriers and which routes has it lost and gained during the last year? And what’s a ‘Nerd Bird’?

vivaaerobus optimises Monterrey network; Texas routes developing slowly

Article ThumbVivaaerobus has been operating in the dynamic Mexican market for just over two years. How many passengers have been carried and at what load factor? Which routes does it operate from Monterrey and which has it dropped? And in what unusual way has it copied Ryanair?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 10 January – Friday 16 January):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsAnother 17 new routes were started around the world this week by Azul (Brazil), BA (UK), Cebu Pacific (Philippines), Cimber Air (Denmark), Eastern Airways (UK), easyJet (UK), JAL (Japan), Mihin Lanka (Sri Lanka), Oman Air (Oman), Turkish Airlines (Turkey), Vivaaerobus (Mexico) and VLM (Netherlands).