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New routes launched during the last week<br/> (Tuesday 25 May - Monday 31 May)

New routes launched during the last week
(Tuesday 25 May – Monday 31 May)

In the last week, Russian airports saw the most new routes launched, followed by airports in the UK. The US, Italy, Spain, Greece, China and Norway also had multiple launches, while the rest of the week’s 41 new routes took place in Canada, Tunisia and across Europe and Asia.

Bardufoss rebrands as Snowman International Airport to attract more winter traffic

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisMore than 500 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle lies Bardufoss airport, primarily used by the military. It has one commercial route which changed hands earlier in the year. How has traffic developed in recent years? Watch a video that explains (sort of) why the rebranding has taken place.