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Italian airport traffic up 8% in November; Bologna and Bergamo lead the way

Italian airport traffic up 8% in November; Bologna and Bergamo lead the wayItalian demand for air travel appears to be rebounding strongly but the latest figures are deceptive. Why? Which airline has been driving growth at Bologna? Which is growing faster; domestic or international traffic?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 24 October – Friday 30 October):

Route NewsHere it is: Analysis, pictures and trivia on over 130 new routes that have started during the last seven days, involving over 40 airlines. Sorry if we’ve missed any. Please let us know and we can include them next week.

Italian airport traffic down less than 1% in July; Bologna and Bergamo up more than 10%

Market Trends ArticleThe Italian market is showing signs of stabilising. Is domestic or international demand up in July? Which smaller airports are growing by more than 20% and which airports have managed year-to-date growth?

Italian airports get 91 new routes; Lufthansa and Wind Jet lag behind Ryanair

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusSome 23 airports across Italy have welcomed new services this week but very few are provided by the new Alitalia. Which airports were kept busiest and just how many new Italian routes did Ryanair start this week?

Ryanair launches 67 new routes this week with focus on Italy; France and UK also see gains

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisRyanair must have broken some kind of record this week by single-handedly starting 67 new routes. Which countries benefited most and how many routes does that make in total? Which new routes started with the highest weekly frequency?

Bologna opens door for Ryanair to become leading carrier in 2009

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisNo airline carried more than 20% of Bologna’s passengers in 2007 with Meridiana the leading airline. Some LCCs like easyJet and Vueling have abandoned the airport but Ryanair started six routes in October and plans to add 11 more next spring. Which other airlines have a significant presence?