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April deliveries; Airbus up, Boeing down

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAirbus jumped back ahead of Boeing in terms of aircraft delivered in 2009 thanks to 46 deliveries to 37 different customers, including some relatively unknown carriers. Boeing delivered five more aircraft to Ryanair and which US legacy carrier?

Airbus and Boeing deliver 237 aircraft in Q1; Ryanair receives 22 and easyJet 11

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAirbus and Boeing delivered just one fewer aircraft in Q1 this year compared with last year with Boeing just ahead. We look at deliveries from both companies in February and March. Which long-haul carriers accepted several new widebody aircraft?

Airbus and Boeing deliver 69 aircraft in January; Ryanair fleet grows by six

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAirbus and Boeing started the year delivering almost the same number of aircraft. Europe’s leading LCCs led the way but which airlines were first time customers? Only 11 widebodies were delivered by the manufacturers. To which adventurous airlines?

Russia’s second biggest international airline, Transaero, grows by 50% in 2008

Article ThumbTransaero’s fleet of over 40 mostly Boeing aircraft include 747s and 777s. These have helped it to rank #2 after Aeroflot among Russian airlines for international traffic. How seasonal is demand for the airline and what are its network priorities for 2009?

Boeing 747 celebrates 40th anniversary; Heathrow the place to see them

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryOver 1400 747s of different configurations have been built in the last 40 years, but how many airlines are still operating the last passenger version, the -400? At which airports will you see most 747s and which are the longest (and shortest) commercial flights operated by this type?

Airbus and Boeing deliver 858 new aircraft in 2008; AirAsia and Continental lead deliveries

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAirbus delivered a record 483 aircraft last year, rather more than Boeing did. Which carriers were busy receiving early Christmas presents in December and which airlines took delivery of most new aircraft in 2008? How many A380s did Airbus deliver in 2008 and to whom?

Airbus delivers 46 aircraft in November; Boeing delivers just four

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe strike at Boeing may be over but it will take a while before deliveries return to normal. Airbus had its second most productive month of the year with one airline receiving four new aircraft and another three. Can you guess which? (Clue: They’re both European airlines.)

Airbus stretches lead over Boeing as strikes hamper deliveries; TAM receives five new aircraft in a month

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAirbus delivered 42 aircraft to Boeing’s five in October. Apart from TAM which other airlines took delivery of more than one new aircraft and which lucky Boeing customers received new aircraft?

Boeing production grinds to halt during September; Airbus delivers two A380s

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsDespite its industrial problems Boeing did deliver 12 new aircraft in September but Airbus delivered 34. Who took delivery of a new A340 and who received Boeing’s only two new widebodies last month? Which Chinese airlines received a brace of Airbus?

Airbus/Boeing: Boeing narrows gap on Airbus in August; Kingfisher receives three new A330s

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe French holiday season hit Airbus’ delivery rate in August though Boeing’s September is likely to be even worse. No four-engine aircraft were delivered by Airbus while none of Boeing’s 36 new deliveries were to Ryanair. So who did get the keys to the new aircraft last month?

Airbus/Boeing: Southwest first to reach 25 new deliveries in 2008; Emirates finally receives its first A380

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsBoeing’s deliveries fell a bit in July as staff took hard-earned vacations. Airbus extended its lead for the year to nine as both manufacturers passed the 250 delivery mark. Which carriers received most aircraft and which airline surprisingly didn’t receive any at all in July?

Airbus and Boeing deliver almost 500 new aircraft in the first half of 2008

Airbus and Boeing deliver almost 500 new aircraft in the first half of 2008Boeing slightly outdelivered Airbus in June as between them they supplied 90 new aircraft to the world’s airlines. The usual suspects were busy collecting more keys but Air One and Kingfisher received important elements of their fleet development. Oh, and SIA got another A380.