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Montreal welcomes Jumpstart; international (non-US) traffic continues to grow

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusMontreal still ranks third (just) among Canadian airports and is benefiting from international traffic growth. Which services has it lost and gained in the last year? Which airlines are the busiest (after Air Canada) and which transatlantic route starts next week?

Canadian airports see traffic fall by less than 10% in Q1; WestJet still increasing capacity

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsCanada’s airports suffered less than most at the back end of 2008 but how are they faring in 2009? Which airports are doing best and what capacity adjustments have Air Canada and WestJet been making in recent months?

Porter exploits downtown niche in Toronto; starts Thunder Bay services in June

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisPorter’s parent company also owns the only terminal at its base airport. With 10 Q400s it now serves two destinations in Canada and two in the US with high frequency flights. Where else might it be going next?

Award-winning Hamilton markets tough to beat downturn

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisHamilton International airport, some 70 kilometres south-west of Toronto, has seen traffic yo-yo in recent years. Once a significant base for WestJet it saw FlyGlobespan start services from 11 UK airports in 2007 before adding Bristol and Dublin routes in 2008.

Canadian traffic up 30% in last four years; Zoom’s closure takes out 11% of UK capacity

Thumb: Country Analysis - CanadaWith over 240 airports with scheduled services, Canada’s airports handled around 117 million passengers last year. Which are the leading airports in 2008 and how dominant are Air Canada and WestJet in the domestic market? Who are Air Canada’s international rivals?

Virgin still #3 at Heathrow; still no sign of Canadian flights

Virgin still #3 at Heathrow; still no sign of Canadian flightsVirgin Atlantic had its busiest ever year last year. Three-quarters of its flights operate from Heathrow and it competes with BA and at least one other carrier on every route. On which routes has it recently had to contend with more competition and which major long-haul markets does the airline not currently serve?

Canada maintains 5% growth in 2007

Market Trends: Canadian airportsCanada’s airports grew by around 5% last year. They’re growing by 5% again this year. Boring? Not really, as some airports are growing by nearly 20% while others are barely growing at all. We look in detail at growth so far in 2007 at the top 10 (out of 240!) airports in Canada. How dominant is Toronto and how is Montreal faring these days?

Montreal back on track after losing 25% of traffic following ‘9/11’

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisIt took three years for traffic to recover from ‘9/11′, but finally Montreal’s traffic is booming once more. With traffic no longer split between two airports, new carriers and new routes are helping Montreal to grow quickly. How dominant is Air Canada? Which are the Top 10 routes? What role is WestJet playing?