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China's airports handled 486 million passengers in '09; Beijing now world's 3rd busiest airport; HSR a growing threat

China’s airports handled 486 million passengers in ’09; Beijing now world’s 3rd busiest airport; HSR a growing threat

China ranks as the world’s second biggest air travel market after the US. But which airports grew fastest in 2009 and which are the country’s top 12 domestic routes. And what makes Tianjin Airlines unusual?

China’s airlines carried 215 million domestic passengers in 2009 as demand surged 20%

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe world’s second biggest air travel market grew by 20% last year. Domestic traffic is booming while international traffic is still below 2007 levels. Which foreign airport has seen three carriers start new flights from Beijing?

Chinese domestic air travel booming once more; international demand recovering

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAir travel in China is defying global trends and growing rapidly. Domestic demand may be up one-third on 2007, but how does international demand compare with 2007? How strong are load factors?

US propensity for air travel is 15 times greater than in China; Cyprus tops European rankings

Lead StoryEver wondered which countries generate the highest number of airport passengers relative to their population size? Well we’ve been doing some research among European countries and across the globe. And we’ve produced some helpful graphs.

Chinese air traffic surges to new all-time high; international traffic growing once more

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe country is celebrating a milestone birthday this week and air travel is booming. But how does traffic compare with two years ago and just how good are average load factors?

All Routes lead to Beijing; Chinese airline traffic booms 16% in the first half of 2009

Top StoryAir traffic is booming once more in China thanks to the vibrant domestic market. Which are the country’s busiest and fastest-growing airports? Which are the leading carriers at each airport and which services has Beijing welcomed and said goodbye to?

Korean Air awaits first A380; now serves 15 airports in Japan and 20 in China

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisKorean Air turned 40 this year and has 100 passenger aircraft. How diverse is its route network from Seoul Incheon and which routes generate the most revenue? Which new destinations has it added in the last year?

China’s domestic air traffic growth back on track; international demand still to recover

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsChina’s air travel boom is back on-track, at least in the dominant domestic market. But what has happened to international demand? How do load factors in 2009 compare with a year ago?

Chinese and Japanese airlines share international woes; domestic travel trends vary dramatically in first quarter

Article ThumbAsia’s five biggest airlines are based all based in China or Japan which both have dominant domestic markets? So how has 2009 started for these airlines? And have the Japanese had a ‘Golden Week’?

Shanghai’s traffic tops 50 million mark; China Eastern leading carrier at Pudong and Hongqaio

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusAs the motor racing world descends on Shanghai this weekend we look at its two major airports. Which are the leading airlines and how is traffic split between them? Which are the leading country markets and which European cities are served non-stop?

Chinese domestic air passenger growth regains momentum in October and November

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsAfter a disappointing summer China’s airlines are seeing demand pick up once more. However, while domestic traffic is growing by 10%, international demand is still in the doldrums. How have China’s big three airlines fared in terms of demand in 2008?

International traffic suffers downturn from UK; even Polish market stagnates in October

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsYes, it’s finally happened. UK-Poland traffic has stopped growing. But which mature and emerging country markets are still growing and which have seen the biggest drop in demand? Which Central European markets are still booming?