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Evolution of a hub; the curious case of Copenhagen Airport

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryThe collapse of Sterling last October deprived Copenhagen of its second biggest airline. But our analysis reveals that other carriers have stepped in to more than replace the lost capacity. However, some destinations have not been picked up. To find out which ones, and to see our full analysis, download our spreadsheet.

Cimber re-launches some Sterling routes from Copenhagen and rebrands as Cimber Sterling

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisCRJ and ATR operator Cimber Air has decided to take on some of Sterling’s old routes with some of Sterling’s aircraft. What has Cimber’s network strategy been so far? From where will competition come on its new expanded route network?

Air Greenland demand up 50% in five years; growing competition on international routes; lessons learned from Baltimore debacle

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe world’s least densely populated country has a surprisingly large number of airports for a population of less than 60,000 people. Which are the leading airports and what problems does Air Greenland face?

Denmark travel tax removal helps stimulate network growth

Denmark travel tax removal helps stimulate network growthA country that has removed a tax on aviation? Surely some mistake. But what effect has it had on Danish air travel, especially in the domestic market? Apart from Copenhagen which other Danish airports have international services and what impact are LCCs having in the country? What role have bridges played in recent traffic trends?