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“RyanAer’s” combination in Dublin would have far less impact than Lufthansa’s dominance of Frankfurt

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryRyanair has made a second bid for Ireland’s national carrier. But how dominant would the combined airline be at Dublin? Which other capital city airports across Europe have the top two carriers sharing over 80% of seat capacity? Where does one carrier have over 60%? Where else are LCCs ranked second to flag carriers?

Aer Lingus facing increasing direct competition from Ryanair in Dublin; UK and US routes account for over 40% of capacity

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisAer Lingus is now a low-cost airline, though not as low-cost as arch-rival and investor Ryanair. Aer Lingus now faces direct or indirect competition from Ryanair on over half of its European routes. But where does it still have a monopoly?

New Aer Lingus service tries hard to compete with Ryanair

Farewatch: Aer Lingus takes on Ryanair on Dublin - LondonAre they mad? Aer Lingus is taking on Ryanair on the Dublin to Gatwick route. Ryanair is still consistently the cheapest but it’s close. Which airlines are charging the most and who is winning the battle on the key Heathrow route between Aer Lingus and bmi? And how has traffic developed in the last 10 years?