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Basel back on growth track after easyJet cuts impact winter demand

Image: Basel back on growth track after easyJet cuts impact winter demandBasel suffered when Swissair collapsed but was rescued in 2004 by the arrival of easyJet, now the airport’s #1 customer. But easyJet has dropped routes to Paris and Munich and traffic was down over the winter. But now Ryanair operates to five airports and Swiss has added new destinations.

UK still #1 growth market for Ryanair and easyJet; Ryanair growing fast in Spain, easyJet in France

LeadEurope’s two LCC heavyweights added more new routes than anyone else in the last 12 months. But in which countries do they have their biggest presence? And which country markets experienced most growth? And where do they manage to avoid each other?

easyJet still European LCC load factor champion; now also fastest-growing

Domestic airline traffic tumbles across EuropeThanks to its acquisition of GB Airways easyJet grew faster than Ryanair in June and had better load factors. Germanwings finally reported growth again while Air Berlin went the other way. Soon to be ‘married’ clickair and Vueling continue to deliver the lowest loads among reporting LCCs.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 12 July – Friday 18 July 2008)

Global new routes round-up (Saturday 12 July - Friday 18 July 2008)News, commentary and photos on routes launched this week by Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Delta Air Lines, easyJet, Jin Air and SkyEurope.

Germany: easyJet slow to develop Dortmund as second German base

Germany: easyJet slow to develop Dortmund as second German baseSince opening its Dortmund base in July 2004, easyJet has only grown its route network from eight to 11 routes and there have been some high profile casualties along the way. We look at easyJet’s monthly load factors by route for 2007 and see whether the newest routes are likely to survive.

European LCCs; SkyEurope joins Germanwings in reporting negative growth in April – easyJet passes 40 million mark

European LCCs; SkyEurope joins Germanwings in reporting negative growth in April - easyJet passes 40 million markThe retiming of Easter this year impacted Europe’s LCCs in April with load factors mostly down compared to March. Which LCC still reported 20% growth and how does clickair compare with its rivals in load factor terms?

Ryanair drives down average frequency of low-cost routes

Ryanair drives down average frequency of low-cost routesHaving started almost 190 new routes in the last six months (no, honest!) it’s no surprise that some of Ryanair’s new routes are low frequency. Among Europe’s LCCs this reduction in average frequency is a clear trend (with a couple of notable exceptions). Who is the master of the low-frequency network?

Aer Lingus provides serious opposition to easyJet and Ryanair on London-Belfast route

farewatch.pngBy entering the Belfast – London market this week Aer Lingus has voluntarily taken on competing against Ryanair, easyJet, flybe, bmi and CityJet. We look to see who’s undercutting who as we compare day return fares for the next two weeks. How competitive are Aer Lingus against Ryanair and easyJet? You may be surprised!

easyJet and Ryanair’s outstanding potential:
167 airports served, only 550 to go*

easyJet and Ryanair’s outstanding potentialEurope’s big 2 LCCs are highly profitable and competing fiercely in the European market. Just not with each other. Despite operating from 167 airports between them Ryanair and easyJet only compete head-to-head on 10 routes. We reveal which ones. Both airlines also operate just a single route from many airports. We name them.

Rugby World Cup fever triggers record £1,000 ($2000) LCC fare

Farewatch: The £1,000 ($2,000) LCC fareEngland may have lost the Rugby World Cup final but their unexpected presence in the final gave revenue managers of UK LCCs some interesting challenges last week. Which airline with normally tiny fares put a £1,000 return fare into the market? How expensive did easyJet and Flybe get from their various UK airports?

Lyon sheds anti-LCC reputation with easyJet announcement

Airport Analysis: LyonLast week’s announcement that easyJet would base two aircraft in Lyon next summer was big news for the French regional airport. Which routes has easyJet announced and who will it compete with on the routes? What is the existing traffic mix between various country destinations? Which route will see two LCCs go head-to-head this winter?

easyJet takes on Air France’s monopoly on French regional domestic routes

Image: Market TrendseasyJet has just announced it will start three new French domestic routes in 2008, two of them regional routes not involving Paris. Which are the leading French domestic routes and how has traffic developed since 2000? How much will easyJet need to stimulate demand to get sufficient passengers on their new routes?