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Analysis of data at 300 European airports reveals winners and losers in 2009 by airport and country

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWe analyse our updated, downloadable spreadsheet featuring traffic trend data for 300 European airports. How many airports reported growth last year? Who grew fastest and who saw traffic fall by more than 20%?

UK airlines less vulnerable to seasonality on routes to US; Delta serves 34 European airports in summer

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsHow do the European and US carriers cope with seasonality in the transatlantic market? Who was the biggest carrier this summer and which US airline has cut the most flights this winter?

At last the good news! Capacity at European airports down just 2% in early winter

nl201109-lead-eu-100.jpgYes, it’s another of our popular comparison articles. How does November capacity compare across Europe’s major country markets, airlines and airports? Which country markets are growing? Which legacy carriers are shrinking fastest? The answers are here.’s global aviation trendwatch

Market TrendsWe reveal the latest traffic trends in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe (eight countries), India, Japan, Mexico, Russia and the USA. See which markets are showing signs of recovery and which are still struggling. We don’t think you’ll find this much useful aviation data in one place anywhere else on the web.

EU markets: Flag carrier dominance declining as LCCs continue to grab market share

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusRyanair now has 200 aircraft but in which EU countries is it providing most competition to the national carrier? We take a look across 17 European markets to see what market share the national airlines have and who their biggest competitors are.

Italy: Alitalia still dominant on domestic routes; 3rd behind Ryanair/easyJet on intl/EU

Article ThumbAlitalia recently reported some traffic and financial results for the first half of 2009. But what are its network strengths and weaknesses? Which are the leading country markets from Italy and which airports are growing in 2009?

40% of European airports report traffic growth in May according to analysis

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryNo, honest. We were surprised as well that over 40% of Europe’s airports for which we were able to collect traffic trend data for May reported growth. Across all 215 airports we estimate traffic was down around 8%, but which countries did best? And how does traffic ‘growth’ vary by airport size?

easyJet and Ryanair battle for supremacy in UK short-haul market

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryFrom inauspicious beginnings at unfashionable UK airports easyJet and Ryanair have developed to be the two leading airlines serving the UK short-haul market. Who are its closest rivals and which country markets from the UK are most (and least) dominated by low-cost carriers?

Mediterranean hot spots cool off for winter

Market Trends: European country capacity changesComparing the last week of summer with the first week of winter reveals around a 7% drop off in capacity. Which countries are affected most? And which are most resilient to the onset of winter?