Articles Tagged ‘European airport trends’ unveils European airport traffic database for 2009; Switzerland defies the odds

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsYes, we’re doing it again. After the positive feedback to our traffic database for 2008 we get 2009 started with traffic figures for most major airports in Europe. Which airports are still growing (and which aren’t) and which countries are struggling most so far this year? surveys reveals marginal growth at Europe’s airports in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsOur statistical analysis of 223 European airports for 2008 reveals that 116 reported traffic growth while 107 saw passenger numbers fall. Overall traffic was up just 0.2% in 2008. Who were the big winners in the different size categories? We reveal the answers.

Latest European data reveals scale of air travel downturn in biggest EU markets

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsOur latest survey of airport data reveals which countries have seen the biggest slump in air travel demand in recent months. November was bad but initial figures for December suggest it was not as bad. Has the bottom of the slump already been reached?

European winter capacity down by 2.3%; UK and Spain struggling, Turkey booming

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWe take a detailed look at how capacity this winter has changed for Europe’s biggest airports, countries and airlines. Which of the top airports are still seeing growth? What’s happening in Central Europe (not what you might expect) and which airlines are still adding capacity?

Domestic air traffic down in all eight major European markets in August; Portugal tops international growth league

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsDemand for domestic air travel appears to be suffering most across Europe’s major country markets. Some countries have a valid excuse (like Italy and Spain) but even international growth was sluggish in August with only Portugal managing more than 5% growth.

LCCs driving route growth, especially in Poland and Spain; Frankfurt still #1 for destinations

LCCs driving route growth, especially in Poland and SpainOver 500 new routes have been started at airports in the EU in the last 12 months. Which airports have seen the most new destinations added and which now have the widest choice? Which airline has had the biggest influence on airport network growth? Clue: It begins and ends in an ‘r’.