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Bordeaux tops easyJet pricing from Luton

Bordeaux tops easyJet pricing from LutonBeing an off-peak month there are plenty of cheap flights to be had with easyJet in February, even if booked at relatively short notice. Which markets are currently the most expensive and where are there bargains to be had? How much of a factor is sector length and what impact is Wizz Air having on some routes?

Austrian v SkyEurope at Vienna – SkyEurope undercuts Austrian by over 50%

FarewatchSkyEurope has rapidly established itself as the second biggest carrier at Vienna airport. It competes with Austrian on nearly every destination it serves. Does Austrian’s pricing vary significantly on routes where it does not face competition from SkyEurope? We investigate!

Southwest’s $101 average fare from Love Field

farewatch.gifUsing US DOT data we look to see what Southwest’s average one-way fare has been over a 12-month period on each of the 15 routes it operates from Dallas Love Field. We then plot the results against sector length to see which routes are relatively the most expensive and which are the best value for money.

Doncaster/Sheffield: Cheap flights to Ireland, Poland and Spain from UK’s newest airport

Doncaster/Sheffield: Cheap flights to Ireland, Poland and Spain from UK’s newest airportFlybe, Ryanair and Wizz Air have joined Thomsonfly in offering scheduled services from Robin Hood Airport. Which are the cheapest destinations for a quick trip away in early February? How do Ryanair and Thomsonfly compare on flights to Alicante? How different are fares to Dublin (with Ryanair) and Belfast (with Flybe)?

Aer Lingus provides serious opposition to easyJet and Ryanair on London-Belfast route

farewatch.pngBy entering the Belfast – London market this week Aer Lingus has voluntarily taken on competing against Ryanair, easyJet, flybe, bmi and CityJet. We look to see who’s undercutting who as we compare day return fares for the next two weeks. How competitive are Aer Lingus against Ryanair and easyJet? You may be surprised!

VLM fares fall by 50% if bookings can be planned a fortnight in advance

VLM fares fall by 50% if bookings can be planned a fortnight in advanceAs the ultimate pure business airport you would think that air fares from London City would be ultra expensive. But day return fares for next day travel are under £400 and if you can plan two weeks ahead this falls to around £150. Which route is the best value for money in terms of cost per kilometre? We reveal all!

Thomsonfly cheaper than Ryanair for UK ski enthusiasts

Thomsonfly cheaper than Ryanair for UK ski enthusiastsThe British may not win many medals in skiing competitions but they do love to hit the slopes at this time of year. We look at six UK airlines and what they’re charging for flights on Saturday 29 December. Ryanair is not the cheapest, so who is? And how many flights does easyJet operate from London airports to Geneva?

Saint Ambrose boosts Paris weekend break demand from Milan

Farewatch: Paris to MilanTwo great cities each served by three airports. Seven airlines competing for traffic including four LCCs. We look at the next two weeks to see how fares on easyJet, Ryanair, Volareweb and Vueling compare. And guess what? Turns out Saint Ambrose has an impact on traffic during this period. Why? We explain.

Pricey Prague and Paris but value in Valencia

Farewatch: easyJet at BristolWith 30 routes on offer this winter easyJet’s base at Bristol offers something for everyone. We look at prices for imminent travel across the network to find out where the bargains are and which routes can support high fares in November. We also look at fares in January and find some great value destinations if you book now.

Sterling beats SkyEurope in battle for Czech mates

Sterling beats SkyEurope in battle for Czech matesNot an obvious route for there to be five airlines competing for traffic, but national carriers SAS and Czech Airlines are joined by Sterling, SkyEurope and Cimber Air. Who is leading the price war and who is trying to attract a premium? What role does frequency play on the route?

India’s airlines split into two categories on domestic pricing

India’s airlines split into two categories on domestic pricingNow this is what you call competition! We look at fares on this key Indian domestic route where Kingfisher is slugging it out with seven other carriers. Just how cheap are fares on this 75 minute sector? And which airlines are consistently the cheapest and most expensive? What are last minute fares like? How early in the morning could you catch a flight?

New Aer Lingus service tries hard to compete with Ryanair

Farewatch: Aer Lingus takes on Ryanair on Dublin - LondonAre they mad? Aer Lingus is taking on Ryanair on the Dublin to Gatwick route. Ryanair is still consistently the cheapest but it’s close. Which airlines are charging the most and who is winning the battle on the key Heathrow route between Aer Lingus and bmi? And how has traffic developed in the last 10 years?