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Flybe heading for #1 in UK domestic market; overall demand down around 4% in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryLow-cost airlines helped stimulate the UK domestic market by around 70% between 1996 and 2005. London routes dominate the passenger rankings but which other UK city is well represented? Flybe is now on track to overtake easyJet as the biggest airline in the market. How has it done this?

Flybe adds Loganair routes to growing UK network; Southampton still biggest base

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisFlybe has pensioned off the last of its BAe 146s and now operates just Q400s and Embraer jets. The integration of BA Connect makes Flybe the UK’s biggest domestic airline if measured by flights. Which other markets does it serve and which are its biggest and fastest growing UK bases?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 5 July – Friday 11 July 2008)

Global new routes round-up (Saturday 5 July - Friday 11 July 2008)News, commentary and photos on routes launched this week by Air One, Delta Connection (SkyWest), Flybe, United Express (Skywest) and Wizz Air.

Flybe steps up competition against bmibaby at Cardiff Airport

Flybe steps up competition against bmibaby at Cardiff AirportThe leading Welsh airport saw passenger numbers pass two million recently. Still heavily dependent on charter traffic bmibaby had the LCC market pretty much to itself until Flybe started competing last year. Now many of the routes served have multiple carriers and Flybe has launched three new domestic routes all against existing carriers. And who are Flyforbeans?

Exeter: Flybe helps Exeter join the “millionaires” club

Exeter: Flybe helps Exeter join the “millionaires” clubExeter airport joined the “million” club in 2007 thanks to Flybe and its range of routes. When did Flybe start to make the most of its home airport and which routes have been abandoned along the way? Which are the airline’s busiest routes and what new routes are being started next month? Which are the airport’s nearest competitors?

Why does Ryanair’s Bournemouth base take on Flybe at Southampton but shy away from competing on German routes from Birmingham?

Why does Ryanair’s Bournemouth base take on Flybe at Southampton but shy away from competing on German routes from Birmingham?Not content with launching one base last week, Ryanair announced two, both in the UK. It already has a presence at both airports but what will it mean for Bournemouth in its battle against nearby Southampton? And how has Ryanair managed to generate 20 new routes from two aircraft at BHX?

Rugby World Cup fever triggers record £1,000 ($2000) LCC fare

Farewatch: The £1,000 ($2,000) LCC fareEngland may have lost the Rugby World Cup final but their unexpected presence in the final gave revenue managers of UK LCCs some interesting challenges last week. Which airline with normally tiny fares put a £1,000 return fare into the market? How expensive did easyJet and Flybe get from their various UK airports?

Flybe takes control of Southampton

Base Analysis: Flybe at SouthamptonThe 1700-metre runway at Southampton on the UK’s south coast restricts certain operations. But Flybe with its mix of regional jets and turboprops has turned it into a major base. Which routes does it serve from the airport and how much are fares for imminent travel? The results may surprise you.