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Passenger growth slows in Lithuania; Ryanair still #1 carrier

Passenger growth slows in Lithuania; Ryanair still #1 carrier

In 2014, over 3.8 million passengers passed through the three commercial airports of Lithuania, a record for the country, yet it also witnessed one of the slowest growth rates of recent years. investigates why growth has slowed down in Lithuania, and looks to see how the airline network has changed over the past 12 […]

Vilnius Airport rebuilds route network after FlyLal collapse and airBaltic cutbacks

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusLithuania’s main airport grew rapidly between 2000 and 2008, but the failure of the national carrier made 2009 challenging. Which carriers have taken up the slack and which routes remain unserved?

airBaltic and flyLAL fight for supremacy in Lithuania; Ryanair dominates Kaunas

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusOne of three former Russian Baltic states to join the EU in 2004 Lithuania’s two leading carriers each have around one-third of capacity and Vilnius traffic has grown 20% this year. But both airlines have cut capacity significantly this winter to reduce direct competition.