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Lufthansa adds routes in Germany and Italy; makes use of bmi slots at Heathrow

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisLufthansa and Lufthansa Italia started 10 new routes this week. Lufthansa is taking on easyJet on more routes from Milan Malpensa (including domestic ones) but what role has new subsidiary bmi played in the airline’s new routes?

London Heathrow’s third runway; never let the facts get in the way of a good story…

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryThere has been intense media coverage regarding the UK government’s support for a third runway at Heathrow. However, little of it has focused on presenting clear, basic information about trends at Heathrow and its European rivals. That’s where we come in.

“RyanAer’s” combination in Dublin would have far less impact than Lufthansa’s dominance of Frankfurt

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryRyanair has made a second bid for Ireland’s national carrier. But how dominant would the combined airline be at Dublin? Which other capital city airports across Europe have the top two carriers sharing over 80% of seat capacity? Where does one carrier have over 60%? Where else are LCCs ranked second to flag carriers?

Only two of Europe’s top 6 hubs still growing; Paris CDG overtakes Rome FCO in October

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsEurope’s major hubs are mostly losing passengers, especially Madrid where things have changed a lot in a short period. Among secondary hubs only three out of 11 are still growing. Can you guess which ones? You may be surprised!

Air Berlin gaining ground on Lufthansa in Germany by acquisition and mergers; more consolidation likely as airport traffic falls 1% in August for first time in 6 years

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusGermany’s airports suffered a drop in demand in August for the first time in six years. With consolidation still ongoing how dominant is Lufthansa in the domestic market and which country markets are growing fastest?

Only two of Europe’s top 6 hubs still growing in July

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWhile only two of Europe’s top 6 major hubs reported growth in July, most of the home airports of Europe’s smaller flag-carriers reported traffic growth. Alitalia’s single-hub strategy has helped Rome. The re-timing of Easter had a noticeable impact on traffic at several major airports.

Condor and Air Berlin break off ‘engagement’; Condor offers major presence in Frankfurt and Spain to potential partner

Logo: CondorWith over seven million annual passengers and a fleet of 34 aircraft Condor is a significant player in the German market. At which German airports does it have a major presence and how broad is its network? Where is it growing this winter?

Lufthansa leverages dominant position at Frankfurt; US routes account for 30% of ASKs

Lufthansa leverages dominant position at Frankfurt; US routes account for 30% of ASKsWith flights to over 150 destinations and over 60% of scheduled seat capacity Lufthansa enjoys a dominant position in Frankfurt. Only two other carriers have at least a 2% share of capacity and little LCC competition. What is the significance of the airline’s US routes and how many new routes has it started in 2008?

LCCs driving route growth, especially in Poland and Spain; Frankfurt still #1 for destinations

LCCs driving route growth, especially in Poland and SpainOver 500 new routes have been started at airports in the EU in the last 12 months. Which airports have seen the most new destinations added and which now have the widest choice? Which airline has had the biggest influence on airport network growth? Clue: It begins and ends in an ‘r’.

Madrid makes real progress in Eurohub superleague

Madrid makes real progress in Eurohub superleagueWe take a look at 16 of Europe’s leading airports and examine how their traffic has been developing during 2007. Among the major hubs Madrid has had a fantastic year with 15% while Heathrow has struggled match its 2006 performance. Two Scandinavian hubs have seen only modest growth while Vienna is surging ahead thanks to SkyEurope.