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Latest European data reveals scale of air travel downturn in biggest EU markets

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsOur latest survey of airport data reveals which countries have seen the biggest slump in air travel demand in recent months. November was bad but initial figures for December suggest it was not as bad. Has the bottom of the slump already been reached?

Bologna opens door for Ryanair to become leading carrier in 2009

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisNo airline carried more than 20% of Bologna’s passengers in 2007 with Meridiana the leading airline. Some LCCs like easyJet and Vueling have abandoned the airport but Ryanair started six routes in October and plans to add 11 more next spring. Which other airlines have a significant presence?

easyJet’s winter programme reflects considerable caution (which should please Sir Stelios!); Malpensa becomes 2nd biggest base after Gatwick

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryeasyJet’s total winter capacity is virtually the same as last year, but is spread over 20% more airports. Some airports are big winners while others are losers. Which country markets are in favour and which are in trouble?

Air One number two (and growing) in Italian domestic market; international routes being cut back for winter

Article Thumbnail: Base analysisAir One grew by over 20% in 2007 and plans to grow again this winter even though its longer-term future is far from clear as it gets ready for possible merger/integration with Alitalia. What market share does it have at key Italian airports?

Sardinia to get major boost in 2009 with two new Ryanair bases; Meridiana and Air One under pressure

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisRyanair is going to base three aircraft in Sardinia next spring. What share does it currently have at each of the three main airports and who are its biggest competitors? What presence does Alitalia have on the island?

Italian airport traffic growth grinds to a halt; Bergamo and Fiumicino buck trend for different reasons

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsItaly’s airports had a bad August with only four of the top 13 reporting growth. Cumulative year-to-date traffic at Italian airports in 2008 is now just 2%, well down on the 10% of last year. However, a few smaller airports are reporting strong growth, which ones?

Pisa topping Italian airport growth rankings; Ryanair now serves 28 destinations

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisFamous for its leaning tower Pisa’s traffic grew by 30% in 2006 and 24% in 2007 despite the presence of the Italian Air Force. LCCs have been the catalyst for growth but which carriers other than Ryanair have helped stimulate traffic? Which is by far the leading country market?

Lufthansa-owned Air Dolomiti focused on feeding MUC hub; new Malpensa base planned for 2009

Thumb: Base Analysis Air DolomitiAir Dolomiti’s fleet of 19 regional aircraft is used primarily to connect Italian airports with Lufthansa’s Munich hub. But the airline also operates some other flights. The 146s will be replaced by Embraer 195s which may also appear at a new MXP base.

Sardinian bases help make Meridiana Italy’s #3 airline; international routes focussed on Florence

Image:Sardinian bases help MeridianaBeginning life as Alisarda in the early 1960s, this Aga Khan funded airline carried 4.6m passengers in 2007 on 22 aircraft (mostly MD80 series). International routes are only 15% of the network. Three routes account for 25% of its capacity. Which ones?

Alitalia’s new strategy good news for Rome Fiumicino; Malpensa traffic down 30%

Alitalia’s new strategy good news for Rome Fiumicino; Malpensa traffic down 30%Traffic data for Italy’s airports reveals the impact that Alitalia’s focus on Rome has had at other airports. The re-timing of Easter also had a significant impact on April traffic. Pisa and Bergamo continue to benefit from LCCs but which smaller airport has seen traffic double?

Milan Malpensa most vulnerable if Alitalia collapses

Milan Malpensa most vulnerable if Alitalia collapsesWe know it’s probably never going to happen, but what impact would the demise of Alitalia have at Italy’s three main airports? How many routes would be ‘lost’ and which airports would be most (and least) affected. On which routes does Alitalia compete with four other airlines and where does it have lots of monopoly routes?

Saint Ambrose boosts Paris weekend break demand from Milan

Farewatch: Paris to MilanTwo great cities each served by three airports. Seven airlines competing for traffic including four LCCs. We look at the next two weeks to see how fares on easyJet, Ryanair, Volareweb and Vueling compare. And guess what? Turns out Saint Ambrose has an impact on traffic during this period. Why? We explain.