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Japanese airline traffic down 14% in 2009 Q4 versus 2007; ANA benefits from JAL’s woes on international routes

Japanese airline traffic down 14% in 2009 Q4 versus 2007; ANA benefits from JAL’s woes on international routes

The air transport media has spent a lot of time analysing and debating JAL’s problems, but what impact has there been on air travel demand in the last quarter of 2009? Will traffic start to pick up in 2010? What are the early signs?

Osaka’s Kansai at lower passenger levels than in the 1990’s; now signs of recovery from recent downturn

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusThe sinking airport island is not sinking as rapidly any longer, but how have the passenger numbers developed over the years? Which are the leading airlines and where do they fly?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 24 October – Friday 30 October):

Route NewsHere it is: Analysis, pictures and trivia on over 130 new routes that have started during the last seven days, involving over 40 airlines. Sorry if we’ve missed any. Please let us know and we can include them next week.

JAL may axe 50 routes (over three years); domestic demand and load factors falling

Top StoryJAL’s passenger traffic has been falling for several years, long before the current economic downturn. But what are the latest trends in the domestic market and in which major country market were its load factors less than 50% last year?

New Japanese airport serving Mount Fuji opens for business; JAL operates first flight

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusWithin sight of the iconic Mount Fuji, Shizuoka airport opened for business this week with a range of domestic and international routes. Which new airline will base itself there from the end of July?

Chinese and Japanese airlines share international woes; domestic travel trends vary dramatically in first quarter

Article ThumbAsia’s five biggest airlines are based all based in China or Japan which both have dominant domestic markets? So how has 2009 started for these airlines? And have the Japanese had a ‘Golden Week’?

Boeing 747 celebrates 40th anniversary; Heathrow the place to see them

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryOver 1400 747s of different configurations have been built in the last 40 years, but how many airlines are still operating the last passenger version, the -400? At which airports will you see most 747s and which are the longest (and shortest) commercial flights operated by this type?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 10 January – Friday 16 January):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsAnother 17 new routes were started around the world this week by Azul (Brazil), BA (UK), Cebu Pacific (Philippines), Cimber Air (Denmark), Eastern Airways (UK), easyJet (UK), JAL (Japan), Mihin Lanka (Sri Lanka), Oman Air (Oman), Turkish Airlines (Turkey), Vivaaerobus (Mexico) and VLM (Netherlands).

Japan still #3 country worldwide for air travel;
three countries dominate international traffic;
JAL and ANA reveal cutback plans

Logo: Country Feature for JapanJapan’s aviation market may not be growing that fast but it’s still the world’s third biggest after the US and China. JAL and ANA dominate domestic routes but which routes have they announced they will be dropping?