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Pulkovo reports domestic growth in August; airberlin and Lufthansa add German flights

Article Thumbnail: Airport FocusSaint Petersburg’s airport is the busiest in Russia outside of Moscow, but how has traffic developed in recent years? How seasonal is demand, which are the leading destinations and which new routes have been started?

Russian airline traffic showing signs of slow recovery; Transaero’s domestic growth

Russian airline traffic showing signs of slow recovery; Transaero’s domestic growthThe rapid collapse in air travel demand has been almost as dramatic as its growth in 2007 and early 2008. We highlight the trends over the last 18 months and reveal which are the leading domestic routes. Which airline has added 10 domestic routes in 2009?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 25 July – Friday 31 July):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsItaly and Greece have been the main beneficiaries of new route launches (from Air Italy, blu-express, easyJet and Wizz Air) this week as we head into the peak of the European summer season. Other interesting new routes are provided by Estonian Air, Tiger Airways and yet another new route from Turkish Airlines.

Russian airline growth slows from over 20% to under 5%; S7 extends lead over Aeroflot in domestic market

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsEven energy-rich Russia has seen a slowdown in traffic growth in recent months. How do growth rates for international and domestic traffic compare and how seasonal is demand at various airports? Which airlines have the most domestic passengers?

Russia maintains 20% growth in 2008; Turkey and Egypt leading international markets

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusRussia’s airports handled less than 90 million passengers in 2007 despite growth of 20%. How dominant are Moscow’s three airports and which are the next busiest? Which are the leading airlines? And what are the biggest country markets?