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London-Edinburgh/Glasgow traffic still in decline; British Airways, bmi and easyJet battle it out while Flybe looks on

London-Edinburgh/Glasgow traffic still in decline; British Airways, bmi and easyJet battle it out while Flybe looks on

Demand on the UK’s top two domestic city-pair routes peaked several years ago but how has demand shifted between the various London airports? Are frequencies still declining in 2010?

Comparison of London-Rome/Venice Valentine's Day fares for 'last minute' romantics; what's the cheapest option?

Comparison of London-Rome/Venice Valentine’s Day fares for ‘last minute’ romantics; what’s the cheapest option?

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday so you don’t even have to take a day off work to treat someone you love. But what are Alitalia, British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair charging for the chance to impress your loved one in Italy?

London still best-connected city in Europe despite Heathrow’s limitations; Dublin and Rome lose most routes during 2009

nl041209-lead-100.jpgHow do the biggest cities for air travel in 16 European countries compare? How many destinations do they serve? And which have gained (and lost) most routes during the last year? Which 28 destinations are no longer served directly from London airports?

UK-Barcelona grows five-fold in 15 years; LCCs dominate as BA and Iberia only serve London

nl201109-routev2-100.jpgTwenty years ago, BA and Iberia were dominant on UK-Barcelona flights while charter carriers served Girona. Now Ryanair dominates Girona flights while easyJet and other LCCs offer more flights than BA and Iberia.

London – Newcastle air traffic back to pre-9/11 levels; BA, easyJet and Flybe share market

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisEastern, Gill Air, Go and have all served this market in recent years but now there are just three airlines each using a different London airport. When did demand peak and how much has it fallen in recent years?

100 years of cross-channel air travel; London – Paris traffic down 50% since launch of Eurostar services in 1994

100 years of cross-channel air travelLouis Bleriot’s historic flight took place 100 years ago. But how has air traffic between the capitals of France and the UK developed since the launch of high-speed rail services in 1994?

London – Berlin market growth triggered by buzz and Virgin Express; now easyJet and Ryanair compete with national flag carriers

London - Berlin market growth triggered by buzz and Virgin ExpressAir travel between the capitals of the UK and Germany has more than doubled in the last decade, but the route has seen some interesting comings and goings.

London – New York market still evolving as Virgin Atlantic celebrates 25th anniversary on the route

Article Thumbnail: Route AnalysisLondon – New York is still the busiest transatlantic route but how has the market evolved during the last 20 years? Which carriers and connections have been and gone in recent years and who’s left?

Aer Lingus provides serious opposition to easyJet and Ryanair on London-Belfast route

farewatch.pngBy entering the Belfast – London market this week Aer Lingus has voluntarily taken on competing against Ryanair, easyJet, flybe, bmi and CityJet. We look to see who’s undercutting who as we compare day return fares for the next two weeks. How competitive are Aer Lingus against Ryanair and easyJet? You may be surprised!

New Aer Lingus service tries hard to compete with Ryanair

Farewatch: Aer Lingus takes on Ryanair on Dublin - LondonAre they mad? Aer Lingus is taking on Ryanair on the Dublin to Gatwick route. Ryanair is still consistently the cheapest but it’s close. Which airlines are charging the most and who is winning the battle on the key Heathrow route between Aer Lingus and bmi? And how has traffic developed in the last 10 years?

UK joins Europe’s high-speed rail network – Paris and Brussels traffic to fall further?

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryThis week saw the fastest ever rail journey between London and Paris at just over two hours as a Eurostar train finally enjoyed high-speed travel through the UK. What impact has Eurostar already had on air travel between London and Paris and why have Ryanair and the UK ASA fallen out about Brussels?

Escape from London!

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchSo how much would it cost to escape the dreary British weather at short notice? compares fares between Ryanair at Stansted and easyJet at Gatwick to see where you can catch some sun at a reasonable price. Where’s the cheapest place for a quick trip abroad? Do the fares available indicate which routes may be most profitable?