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New routes launched during the last week (Tuesday 30 March - Monday 5 April):

New routes launched during the last week (Tuesday 30 March – Monday 5 April):

You know what? It wasn’t all Ryanair this week. We also have great coverage from Qatar Airways’ two route launches, Avianova’s new operations from Sheremetyevo, easyJet and Norwegian in Malta, Meridiana in Helsinki and much, much more.

New routes launched during the last three weeks (Saturday 19 December – Friday 8 January):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsOver 40 new routes have been started since mid-December. Countries involved in celebrating new services include Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, the Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Serbia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, the UAE, the UK, the USA and Uzbekistan.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 28 November – Friday 4 December):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsAnother healthy crop of new routes this week. We have details (and celebratory pictures) of new routes started this week in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Fiji, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Nepal, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Slovakia, Spain, Thailand, the UK and the USA.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 17 October – Friday 23 October):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsThe lull before the (winter) storm. Just 16 new routes this week but they involve airports in Canada, China, Egypt, Macau, Malaysia, the Maldives, Oman, Spain, Sri Lanka, the UAE, the UK and the US. Get ready, next week we’ll be reporting on the launch of over 150 new routes.

London Luton Wizz Air’s busiest airport; 26 A320s split across 11 Central European bases

Airline AnalysisWizz Air now operates almost 150 routes but how many are operated daily? Which are its busiest bases and from which country does it operate twice as many flights as any other?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 14 February – Friday 20 February):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsNew routes this week from Air New Zealand (New Zealand), Allegiant Air (USA), Cebu Pacific (Philippines), Cimber Sterling (Denmark), Flybe (UK), jetBlue (USA) and Wizz Air (Czech Republic and Romania).

London Luton is Wizz Air’s busiest airport; 25 new routes already revealed for 2009

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisWizz Air has bases right across Central Europe but its busiest airport is in… the UK! It has added 12 but dropped eight airports in the last year. Which ones? And how big a presence does it have in various new EU member states? Where will it base new aircraft in 2009?

easyJet helps Luton reach 10 million milestone

easyJet helps Luton reach 10 million milestoneeasyJet has helped London Luton airport develop traffic from under two million passengers in 1995 to over 10 million in the last 12 months. It may not be easyJet’s biggest base anymore but it still serves over 30 destinations from the airport. Which routes have bitten the dust along the way and what competition do other LCCs provide at the airport?

Bordeaux tops easyJet pricing from Luton

Bordeaux tops easyJet pricing from LutonBeing an off-peak month there are plenty of cheap flights to be had with easyJet in February, even if booked at relatively short notice. Which markets are currently the most expensive and where are there bargains to be had? How much of a factor is sector length and what impact is Wizz Air having on some routes?

Scheduled services now account for 60% of Monarch’s passengers

Scheduled services now account for 60% of Monarch’s passengersLike Transavia last week Monarch has evolved from a charter airline into a successful, solid, hybrid focussing on Spain and Portugal from four main bases across the UK. Which new destination did it focus on last year and what happened to Granada, Lisbon, Madrid and Naples? With a Mediterranean focus just how seasonal is its scheduled demand profile?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 30 June – Friday 6 July 2007):

Article Thumbnail: News in BriefFlyWhoosh helps put Dundee on the map – Whatever happened to London-Deauville? – Israel gets its first LCC services – Oasis Hong Kong follows Gatwick with Vancouver – Porter reaches for Halifax from Toronto City Center – Why have LCCs suddenly