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Domestic market maintains 20% growth: Volaris now leading LCC

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsHas Mexico’s domestic market maintained its 20% growth in the last few months? Which is the country’s leading LCC and what market share have the new carriers achieved? Which carriers have the highest share of Mexico’s international traffic? Are Mexican carriers holding their own or are the US carriers taking over? Which are the leading European carries?

Volaris emerges as leading Mexican LCC

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisIn just 18 months Volaris has grown from nothing to be Mexico’s largest LCC and Mexico’s fourth biggest domestic airline. What routes does it operate from its Toluca base and how does it schedule its current fleet of 12 A319s? Which other airports does it fly to? What impact has rapid growth had on the airline’s load factor?

Mexican market responding well to increased competion

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusWhile much attention is being paid to rapid growth in India and China, another country is growing almost as quickly. Mexico has seen domestic traffic growth of nearly 20% in 2007 thanks to a variety of new entrants operating ‘low-cost’ flights. Which airports are benefiting most? How is the international market developing? Which carriers are winners and losers?