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New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 17 October – Friday 23 October):

Article Thumbnail: Route NewsThe lull before the (winter) storm. Just 16 new routes this week but they involve airports in Canada, China, Egypt, Macau, Malaysia, the Maldives, Oman, Spain, Sri Lanka, the UAE, the UK and the US. Get ready, next week we’ll be reporting on the launch of over 150 new routes.

Aer Lingus joins battle with easyJet and Monarch on Gatwick-Faro

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchFarewatch returns with a look at a popular UK leisure route. Our analysis reveals which of the LCCs is cheapest and how much more expensive BA is? But how much are the hidden charges and how do airlines revenue manage Bank Holidays?

Faro’s growth driven by low-cost routes from UK; Ryanair second biggest airline this winter

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisDuring the last 10 years Faro’s growth has mostly come from LCCs operating to and from the UK, a country market which is responsible for almost 60% of all passengers. Who started the ball rolling back in 1999 and who is now the biggest airline?

UK charter destinations evolve as airlines consolidate or collapse; Thomsonfly/First Choice, Thomas Cook grab 70% of market

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryAs LCCs have targeted Spain where have UK charter airlines turned to find new, less competitive markets? Charter traffic to mainland Spain has halved since 2001 but some markets are booming. Which ones?

New routes launched during the last week:
Saturday 6 September – Friday 12 September

Article Thumbnail: News in BriefNew route started this week operated by Air Asia, Alaska Airlines, Best Air, bmibaby, Hong Kong Express, Monarch, Northwest, Virgin America and Westjet.

Scheduled services now account for 60% of Monarch’s passengers

Scheduled services now account for 60% of Monarch’s passengersLike Transavia last week Monarch has evolved from a charter airline into a successful, solid, hybrid focussing on Spain and Portugal from four main bases across the UK. Which new destination did it focus on last year and what happened to Granada, Lisbon, Madrid and Naples? With a Mediterranean focus just how seasonal is its scheduled demand profile?