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New York’s airports serve 73 countries; Southwest launches LaGuardia flights in June

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusNew York and New Jersey’s airports handled over 125 million passengers last year. How many airports handled more than one million passengers and how do average fares compare across the airports? Which are the leading country markets?

Air Canada price-leader on leading Can-Am route; five carriers but not much competition

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchPassengers between these two major North American cities have a choice of five airlines but how much competition is there really given that there are no LCCs involved? How do Porter’s fares compare with the legacy airlines?

American reveals details of cutbacks;
La Guardia and St. Louis will suffer most

American reveals cutback; La Guardia and St. Louis lose mostAmerican has provided details of stations it will close later this year and the number of frequency reductions at some of its major bases. DFW escapes relatively unscathed but LaGuardia and St Louis see major cutbacks. How much have fuel costs risen for American and where is it struggling to increase yields?