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Air New Zealand leads as 2.4 million people visit country of only 4.3 million people

Air New Zealand leading carrier on NZ domestic and trans-TasmanThe airline just announced as ATW’s Airline of the Year dominates its domestic market and flights to Australia, but on which routes does it face competition? Which are its main destinations? And which celebrity chose Air New Zealand on his visit to the country this week?

Christchurch wins Routes marketing award; Jetstar replaces Qantas to challenge Air New Zealand supremacy

Airport AnalysisChristchurch is New Zealand’s 2nd biggest airport but how dominant is Air New Zealand? On which routes is there most competition and which two non-local airlines offer long-haul connections?

Air New Zealand prepares for increased domestic competition

Country Focus: New ZealandMiddle Earth’s altar ego is dominated by three major airports and one major airline. But things are about to get interesting with the imminent launch of domestic services from Pacific Blue, one of the airlines in the Virgin empire. Which are the main domestic airports and which are the biggest international routes? We dig out the answers.