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LCCs driving route growth, especially in Poland and Spain; Frankfurt still #1 for destinations

LCCs driving route growth, especially in Poland and SpainOver 500 new routes have been started at airports in the EU in the last 12 months. Which airports have seen the most new destinations added and which now have the widest choice? Which airline has had the biggest influence on airport network growth? Clue: It begins and ends in an ‘r’.

LOT gets tough on Centralwings

LOT gets tough on CentralwingsLCCs set up by legacy carriers have had little success over the years and LOT appears to be despairing of its own attempt, Centralwings. Last week the summer schedule was radically revamped with many routes axed. The Polish LCC market is highly competitive and Wizz Air, Ryanair and easyJet make for tough competition.

Amazing UK-Poland traffic growth driven by regional demand

Amazing UK-Poland traffic growth driven by regional demandThanks to EU membership and the enthusiastic migration of thousands of Poles to the UK, air travel between the two countries is booming. Growth of 30% in 2007 shows no sign of slowing down, but which airports are benefiting most? LCCs have 90% of the market but which has the highest share?

Warsaw Airport: rapid growth but losing Polish market share

0802013_warsaw_01.gifPoland’s biggest airport has been generating double-digit growth for the last four years. But because the regional airports are growing even faster its share of Polish airport traffic has now fallen to below 50% for the first time. How dominant is LOT and which LCCs are providing the most competition? Which destinations offer a choice of three or more airlines?

Poland and USA impress with sustained volume growth

Poland and USA impress with sustained volume growthThe last quarter of 2007 saw some changes in various UK markets. The French market was hit by the improved Eurostar service and industrial disputes. Italy’s summer boom came to an abrupt end while the US finally showed some solid growth. Meanwhile the Polish market continues to grow beyond all expectations.

Poland: EU membership brings huge increase in airport passengers

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusOf all the recent countries to join the EU, Poland had by far the biggest population. With liberalisation LCCs have rushed in and growth at Poland’s airports in the last three years has been exceptional. Which airports have grown fastest? What share does Warsaw now have of total traffic? Which carriers are the largest at each of the regional airports?

Wizz Air in Pole position at Katowice

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisWizz Air may be based in Hungary but it has more aircraft based in Poland than anywhere else. Katowice is home to four A320s this summer as the airline flies to over 20 destinations. Which are the biggest routes, how does the airline schedule the aircraft and what fares are available for imminent travel? investigates