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TAROM adds 11 new routes from Bucharest in a year; LCCs pose growing threat

Article Thumbnail: Airline AnalysisThe Romanian state-owned carrier has seen its passenger numbers grow over the last decade, but how has the performance of the airline developed? How does it compare to the emerging low-cost carriers on the market? What is its position on the important Italian market? And which new routes has the airline started in the last year?

EU membership grows Romanian air travel market by 60% in two years; Blue Air and Wizz Air lead LCC charge

nl280809-country-100.jpgThe Romanian air travel market has grown rapidly since 2007. Tarom may be struggling but Romania has its own LCC and two airports serving Bucharest. But which are the leading (and fastest growing) country markets?

Romanian regional Carpatair focuses on Italian and domestic market; new routes to Chernovtsy and Perugia

Airline AnalysisCarpatair celebrated its 10th anniversary in June. How has traffic evolved in that time and how has the network been tweaked in the last 18 months? What’s happened in 2009 and what is the current fleet mix?

London Luton is Wizz Air’s busiest airport; 25 new routes already revealed for 2009

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisWizz Air has bases right across Central Europe but its busiest airport is in… the UK! It has added 12 but dropped eight airports in the last year. Which ones? And how big a presence does it have in various new EU member states? Where will it base new aircraft in 2009?

International traffic suffers downturn from UK; even Polish market stagnates in October

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsYes, it’s finally happened. UK-Poland traffic has stopped growing. But which mature and emerging country markets are still growing and which have seen the biggest drop in demand? Which Central European markets are still booming?

Demand at UK airports down 2% in Q3; four Central European markets still reporting double-digit growth

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsOnly a few UK airports reported traffic growth during the third quarter. Which ones? Which London airport suffered most in September? A dozen major country markets are still reporting double-digit growth. We name them!

Central European states provide the highs (and a low) among UK country market travel trends in 2008

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsInternational demand to and from the UK in the second quarter has been pretty flat but some markets are growing strongly while others are in serious decline. We look at the latest trends and reveal whether the booming Polish market is showing any signs of maturing.

Romania experiences EU membership benefits

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusThe EU’s joint newest member (with Bulgaria) is witnessing dramatic growth in air travel. How dominant is Bucharest among Romanian airports? Which are the key domestic carriers? Which two countries account for 40% of international traffic? How is Tarom coping against international competition? How is Romania’s own LCC developing?