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Russia’s second biggest international airline, Transaero, grows by 50% in 2008

Article ThumbTransaero’s fleet of over 40 mostly Boeing aircraft include 747s and 777s. These have helped it to rank #2 after Aeroflot among Russian airlines for international traffic. How seasonal is demand for the airline and what are its network priorities for 2009?

Russian airline traffic down 15% in December; new state-run airline Rosavia yet to launch

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsRussia’s airline industry has had a reality check in the last few months. Several airlines have failed or stopped operating while even the ‘major’ airlines have had problems. Which markets have suffered most and who overtook who in November in the airline rankings?

Russian airline growth slows from over 20% to under 5%; S7 extends lead over Aeroflot in domestic market

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsEven energy-rich Russia has seen a slowdown in traffic growth in recent months. How do growth rates for international and domestic traffic compare and how seasonal is demand at various airports? Which airlines have the most domestic passengers?

Russia maintains 20% growth in 2008; Turkey and Egypt leading international markets

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusRussia’s airports handled less than 90 million passengers in 2007 despite growth of 20%. How dominant are Moscow’s three airports and which are the next busiest? Which are the leading airlines? And what are the biggest country markets?

S7 maintains Russian domestic leadership while branching out internationally

S7 maintains Russian domestic leadership while branching out internationallyThe former Siberian Airlines has a distinctive corporate identity and a fleet of over 60 aircraft. And it is growing at almost 40% this year thanks to its increasing use of Western aircraft. Where are its main bases, and what destinations does it serve outside the former Soviet Union?

Moscow traffic growth reaches record levels

Moscow traffic growth reaches record levelsMoscow, like New York, Paris and Milan is served by three major airports, but total passenger traffic in 2006 was only 33 million. But growth in 2007 is averaging close to 20%. Which of the three is the market leader and which airlines operate to which airports? What are the top domestic routes and international markets?

Russia’s first LCC silences the doubters

Base Analysis: SkyExpress at Moscow VnukovoRussia has its own LCC – no, honest! SkyExpress has been operating since January and has already grown to seven B737 aircraft. It started its seventh domestic route this week. How does its scheduling compare with traditional LCC models given the often harsh winters in Russia? We take a closer look at the operational details.