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SkyEurope; now focusing on Vienna, Prague and Slovakia plus new alliance with MyAir

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisCentral Europe’s oldest LCC has still to report an annual profit after over six years of flying from various bases across the region. Which bases has it dumped along the way and how does capacity this winter compare with this summer? Which airline is its main competitor in Bratislava?

Slovakia: Ryanair’s presence increasing as SkyEurope looks elsewhere for opportunities

Slovakia: Ryanair’s presence increasing as SkyEurope looks elsewhere for opportunitiesSkyEurope may still be the leading airline in Slovakia but it has dropped as many routes as it operates from Bratislava. Ryanair’s presence is growing quickly but which airlines have been and gone again in recent years? And how fast is the country’s second airport growing?

Austrian v SkyEurope at Vienna – SkyEurope undercuts Austrian by over 50%

FarewatchSkyEurope has rapidly established itself as the second biggest carrier at Vienna airport. It competes with Austrian on nearly every destination it serves. Does Austrian’s pricing vary significantly on routes where it does not face competition from SkyEurope? We investigate!

Prague traffic growth unaffected by slump in UK demand

Airport Analysis: PragueEven before the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004 Prague airport was benefiting from low-cost airline activity from the UK. Its reputation for cheap alcohol meant UK traffic quadrupled in just a few years. Now the rest of Europe is catching up and SkyEurope has set up a major base to take on the likes of easyJet and Smartwings. And what is Click4sky?

SkyEurope trebles aircraft at Vienna this winter

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisSkyEurope is on a mission to make Vienna its number one base. This winter it will treble its fleet there to six aircraft. What do current fares on the summer routes tell us? Which new routes is it starting this winter and which routes will go double-daily to target the business market? And why is the new Lisbon route unusual? We take a closer look.