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Latest European data reveals scale of air travel downturn in biggest EU markets

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsOur latest survey of airport data reveals which countries have seen the biggest slump in air travel demand in recent months. November was bad but initial figures for December suggest it was not as bad. Has the bottom of the slump already been reached?

easyJet’s winter programme reflects considerable caution (which should please Sir Stelios!); Malpensa becomes 2nd biggest base after Gatwick

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryeasyJet’s total winter capacity is virtually the same as last year, but is spread over 20% more airports. Some airports are big winners while others are losers. Which country markets are in favour and which are in trouble?

European winter capacity down by 2.3%; UK and Spain struggling, Turkey booming

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWe take a detailed look at how capacity this winter has changed for Europe’s biggest airports, countries and airlines. Which of the top airports are still seeing growth? What’s happening in Central Europe (not what you might expect) and which airlines are still adding capacity?

Zaragoza gets Expo-boost; maintains 18% growth for second successive year

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisZaragoza lies mid-way between Madrid and Barcelona and hosted this summer’s water-themed Expo. Traffic has blossomed in the last three years thanks to new routes from Ryanair but which are the most popular routes? And which routes do Iberia and Air Europa operate?

Spanish airport traffic down 5% in Q3 2008;
MAD-BCN air traffic down 35% due to HSR

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsSpain’s airports saw traffic fall significantly during the third quarter. Which airports have suffered most and which still managed to report growth? What impact is the high-speed rail link between Spain’s two biggest cities having on air travel demand?

Air Europa #3 in Madrid; operates mix of domestic, long-haul and some EU services

Article Thumbnail: Base AnalysisUnlike other Spanish airlines, Air Europa’s future ownership seems unlikely to change. Its fleet of over 40 aircraft carried almost 10 million passengers last year. Madrid is its biggest base and it operates several unusual routes to Central and South America.

Spanair, #2 in Barcelona and Madrid, on the lookout for a new owner

Spanair, #2 in BCN and MAD, looks for new ownersFrom its charter roots in the late 80s Spanair has grown to become the second biggest airline at Spain’s two biggest airports. Last year owner SAS announced the airline was for sale. What will a new owner get for their money? We take a look at the airline’s network from its two biggest hubs.

clickair at Barcelona: over 85% of flights are on former Iberia routes

Click Air at Barcelona: over 85% of flights are on former Iberia routesOver 85% of clickair’s flights from Barcelona are on routes it has inherited from Iberia, one of its major shareholders. However, the airline has started some new routes of its own with mixed success. How much of its route network is domestic? In 16 months, it has become Barcelona’s leading carrier but what have its monthly load factors been?

Iberia puts focus on Latin America to defend MAD hub from LCCs

Iberia puts focus on Latin America to defend MAD hub from LCCsEurope’s fastest growing major hub is home for Iberia. How much competition does Iberia face on its routes? On which destinations does it compete with four other carriers? Iberia’s strength is on routes to Latin America which represent half of Iberia’s ASKs at the airport. But where are the routes to Eastern Europe?

Madrid: Europe’s #1 airport by 2016?

Airport Analysis: MadridA new terminal and not one, but two new runways in 2006 gave Madrid’s airport a wonderful base for future development. The market has responded and easyJet, Ryanair and Vueling have all opened new bases there resulting in 14% growth in 2007. How big is the domestic market and which are the fastest growing routes? How dominant is Iberia?

AirBerlin continues to use Palma as Spanish gateway

Air Berlin continues to use Palma as Spanish gatewayA German airline has its biggest base in Spain, operates it as a hub but doesn’t base any aircraft there. How does it do this? How hectic are its three ‘waves’? Who are its biggest competitors at Spain’s third busiest airport and who is growing fastest? How seasonal is overall demand compared to Air Berlin’s demand?

Ryanair’s Girona base heads for Top 10 status

Ryanair’s Girona base heads for Top 10 statusIs Girona still the fastest growing airport among Spain’s major airports? How many airports are achieving double-digit growth? Which airport has carried more passengers in nine months this year than all of last year? Which airports are actually down on traffic? Are Madrid and Barcelona still surging ahead with double-digit growth?