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AirBerlin continues to use Palma as Spanish gateway

Air Berlin continues to use Palma as Spanish gatewayA German airline has its biggest base in Spain, operates it as a hub but doesn’t base any aircraft there. How does it do this? How hectic are its three ‘waves’? Who are its biggest competitors at Spain’s third busiest airport and who is growing fastest? How seasonal is overall demand compared to Air Berlin’s demand?

Ryanair’s Girona base heads for Top 10 status

Ryanair’s Girona base heads for Top 10 statusIs Girona still the fastest growing airport among Spain’s major airports? How many airports are achieving double-digit growth? Which airport has carried more passengers in nine months this year than all of last year? Which airports are actually down on traffic? Are Madrid and Barcelona still surging ahead with double-digit growth?

Valencia sets sail for further rapid growth

Image: Valencia Header ImageNot content with hosting the America’s Cup for the first time and being awarded a Formula 1 Grand Prix for next year, Valencia is Spain’s fastest growing major airport. Ryanair is about to base two aircraft there and increase its network to 21 routes. Iberia and its partner are losing market share despite their own traffic growth. Will Ryanair be #1 in 2008?

Spanish Bank Holiday boosts weekend break demand

Image: FarewatchTwo of Europe’s most stylish and attractive cities are now linked not only by their flag carriers, but also by four different low-cost carriers (easyJet, Ryanair, Transavia and Vueling). How do fares for the next fortnight compare between the LCCs and what is causing the fares peak around next weekend?

Spain leads way thanks to additional airport capacity and intense airline competition

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsWhich of Europe’s major domestic markets are continuing to flourish and which need some delicate nurturing? What has happened during the traditional July slump in the Nordic markets? One is up 10%, the other is down 10%. Is the UK’s early year slump continuing?