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Sterling collapse leaves opportunities at Copenhagen; Norwegian and easyJet already taking advantage

Article Thumbnail: Lead StorySterling’s collapse wipes out 10% of capacity at Copenhagen. Which other airports will suffer most from the airline’s demise? How many routes did it operate last summer and which routes are already being cherry-picked by ravenous competitors?

Norwegian & Sterling co-operate to take on SAS from Oslo and Stockholm

Lead Story: Sterling co-operate to take on SAS from Oslo and StockholmScandinavia’s two biggest LCCs are joining forces to put more pressure on struggling SAS by co-operating on two core intra-Scandinavian routes. How worried should SAS be? If Sterling and Norwegian were to merge how would they compare in size with SAS at the three main regional hubs?

SAS under growing pressure from local LCCs at Stockholm Arlanda

SAS under growing pressure from local LCCs at Stockholm ArlandaStockholm is the smallest of SAS’s three major bases and it is coming under increasing pressure from local LCCs. On how many routes does SAS enjoy a monopoly and which are the most competitive routes? Which new destination did it start this week?

Stockholm looks to international markets as domestic market shrinks

Stockholm looks to international markets as domestic market shrinksScandinavia’s third busiest airport is coping with a declining domestic market and competition on international routes from Stockholm Skavsta. Which domestic routes have been hit hardest and what competition does SAS face both at home and abroad, especially from LCCs? And it hasn’t even got any major sporting events to look forward to!

Stockholm Syndrome

Image: Lead StoryJust how much Abba music can the human mind put up with over a three day period? Delegates at the 13th World Route Development Forum found out for themselves. After Milan Linate bizarrely won an airport marketing award (yes, we were there) has come up with its own virtual awards, The Annies. Which great award did Budapest win?

Sweden’s airports finally breaking records once more

Article Thumbnail: Country FocusTraffic at Sweden’s airports has taken a long time to bounce back to pre-‘9/11′ levels but the growth of local LCCs is beginning to have a positive impact in the market. How busy is Stockholm’s Arlanda airport and how dominant is SAS at that airport and in the domestic market? Which LCCs are grabbing market share and which are conspicuous by their absence?

Ryanair celebrates 10 years in Sweden with major Skavsta expansion

Country Focus: SwedenRyanair recently celebrated 10 years of operations at Stockholm’s ‘out-of-town’ airport. It became a proper base in 2003 and this winter Ryanair will have six aircraft based there operating to 30 destinations. How are the aircraft scheduled and which routes are possibly the longest in the Ryanair network?

SAS undercut by two local LCCs

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchPassengers wanting to travel between the two busiest airports in Scandinavia have a choice of three carriers – SAS, Sterling and FlyNordic. How are the two LCCs combining to provide a serious alternative? Who has the cheapest fares for day return trips for the next fortnight? Does it matter if your journey begins in Stockholm or Copenhagen?