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TAM increases lead over GOL in Brazilian domestic market

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsBrazil’s domestic two-horse race now appears to have a clear leader. But which minnow has now increased its market share to 3%? Is demand for air travel in Brazil suffering the same downturn as elsewhere? And how are Brazilian airlines doing in the international market?

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 1 November – Friday 7 November):

Article Thumbnail: News in BriefThis week sees over 60 new routes launched a week after the winter season officially began. We report and analyse new routes by AirAsia, AirAsia X, airberlin, AirTran, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, China Eastern, Delta, easyJet, jetBlue, Norwegian, Pacific Blue, Ryanair (just 20 new routes this week!), Southwest, TAM, and WestJet.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 11 October – Friday 17 October):

Article Thumbnail: News in BriefThis week’s new routes cover the globe from North to South America, Europe to the Middle East and a lot of activity in Australia. Airlines involved include Air Arabia, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, easyJet, Norwegian, OpenSkies, Pacific Blue, TAM, United Express and Virgin Blue.

New routes launched during the last week
(Saturday 9 August – Friday 15 August 2008)

News in Brief: Route NewsNews, commentary and photos on routes launched this week by Air Asia, AirTran and TAM.

TAM & GOL see load factors fall while holding on to over 85% share of domestic market

Image; TAM & GOL see load factors fall while maintaining over 85% share of domestic marketBrazil’s big two are growing domestic capacity faster than they are passengers, resulting in falling loads and profits. Next year Azul will be joining them with its ambitious Embraer-based plans. What’s happening in the international market? Are loads up or down?

GOL gaining ground on TAM in domestic market

Logo: Market TrendsFailed airlines and fatal accidents have not dampened the Brazilian demand for air travel in recent months. We examine how the domestic market has ended up as a virtual duopoly and how load factors in 2007 compare with 2006. We also look at how the international market has grown despite the collapse of Varig in 2006.

Domestic traffic impacted by TAM A320 crash consequences

Market Trends: BrazilCompared to 2005 Brazil’s traffic in the first half of 2007 had shown around 25% growth. Then the fatal crash of a TAM A320 in July triggered changes in the Brazilian market. For the following two months traffic was back at 2005 levels. Which airlines have grown market share in the last year and what has happened to load factors?