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French airport growth driven by LCCs; domestic demand still falling though LCCs stimulating inter-regional routes

Article ThumbNine of France’s top 15 airports reported growth last year and demand was up 1.5% across all airports. But how much of that was down to LCCs? And what impact have easyJet and Ryanair had on French domestic routes? Which airport saw 50% growth?

So what happened to our predictions for 2008?

Article Thumbnail: Lead StoryWay back in January identified a number of key topics that we thought would make 2008 interesting. So what happened? We look back and compare what we said then with what actually happened. Was the 787 really supposed to be in service by now? Oops!

French airports see traffic fall in September; easyJet grows Lyon domestic routes by 50%

Article Thumbnail: Market TrendsThe French market has responded less dramatically than other markets to the economic downturn in Europe. Traffic was even up in October. What impact is easyJet having on its new domestic routes from Lyon and how is Strasbourg coping with the impact of the TGV?

Marseille’s growth driven by Ryanair’s international routes; TGV took one million air passengers on Paris route

Article Thumbnail: Airport AnalysisThe opening of Europe’s first dedicated low-cost terminal in late 2006 has helped Marseille attract several LCCs. Ryanair now flies to more destinations than Air France but where has it failed to make an impression? How significant is the North African market?

New TGV Est grabs 50% of Paris – Strasbourg air passengers

New TGV Est grabs 50% of Paris - Strasbourg air passengersMore evidence that High-Speed Rail (HSR) services are a threat to airlines comes from the latest figures from Strasbourg airport. Paris traffic is down 50% since the launch of the TGV last June and the upgraded St. Pancras station in London is helping Eurostar grab more London-Paris air passengers.