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Jetstar, Tiger and Virgin Blue helping to stimulate Melbourne – Gold Coast market to new level

Article Thumbnail: FarewatchWe looked at this route last December when Tiger had just entered the market and now we look at fares by departure time for three different departure days. What patterns emerge? Is anyone consistently cheaper than the others?

Australia: Australian domestic air traffic growth increasing at expense of load factors

Australia: Australian domestic air traffic growth increasing at expense of load factorsSince Tiger Airways launched its Australian subsidiary last November traffic growth has been kick-started once more but at the expense of load factors. Which route is it terminating and where is it reallocating capacity? How has domestic market share changed since February?

Australia’s terrific traffic trends attract Tiger

Australias terrific traffic trends attract TigerAustralia may only have 21 million inhabitants but its airports passed the 100 million passenger mark in 2005. Which are the leading airports and which are the fastest growing? Domestic traffic is maintaining a healthy growth rate which is likely to rise further as Tiger Airways enters the fray. But where have all the foreign tourists gone?

Tiger takes bite at Jetstar and Virgin Blue

Tiger takes bite at Jetstar and Virgin BlueOne of Australia’s top 10 domestic routes is a low-cost battleground between Virgin Blue, Jetstar and newcomer Tiger Airways. We look at fares for a two week period to see who the price leader is. And who is trying to maximise revenue with slightly higher fares but most frequency?

Domestic market prepares to be mauled by Tiger

Market Trends: Australian domestic marketA Tiger is about to be let loose in the Australian market. From next week Melbourne gets a new base carrier. But how has traffic developed in recent months and which routes are growing the fastest? How dominant is the Melbourne to Sydney route and which routes is Tiger avoiding at present?